Restored Gazebo Finds New Home At Ocean Pines Golf Club

OCEAN PINES – Ocean Pines announced the successful restoration and reinstallation of a gazebo at the Golf Club, breathing new life into a structure with almost four decades of history.

Under the guidance of General Manager John Viola, the gazebo’s restoration initiative took shape in response to feedback from the Golf Advisory Committee.

The restoration efforts were further fueled by committee member Don McMullen, a devoted golf member since the 1970s, who shared the gazebo’s origins tracing back to the inaugural Calvin B. Taylor Bank golf tournament that started 39 years ago.

“The tournament was born out of a desire to honor our fallen golf members. It began as a memorial golf tournament, with Calvin B. Taylor Bank assuming the role of the pioneering sponsor, a position they have proudly held since,” McMullen said.

McMullen said the original tournament was held in 1984 and was organized by Hunt Crosby, the second golf professional in Ocean Pines. The gazebo came about thanks to a partnership between the bank and the Ocean Pines Board of Golf Directors.

Calvin B. Taylor Bank would become Taylor Bank in 1985.

Today, the Taylor Bank Scramble continues the tournament tradition, channeling funds towards junior golf programs and scholarships for local high school students. Notably, the annual event has raised nearly $60,000 in scholarship funds over the past eight years alone.

When the gazebo fell into disrepair, Public Works Director Eddie Wells and his team stepped in to assess its condition.

“We were able to lift and load it on our trailer without it falling apart, and once we got it to our shop, we checked it over and found that the main structure was still good,” Wells said. “We removed the roof and repaired all the rafters that were badly damaged, and we did repairs to the railing and steps, as well as timbers replaced under the structure.”

Additionally, Public Works procured a new cupola for the gazebo’s crown and replaced missing or rusted screws. The structure also underwent a power wash to help restore its original appearance.

Once the restoration process was complete, the gazebo was loaded onto a trailer and returned to the Golf Club, with input from Golf Superintendent Justin Hartshorne regarding its new placement.

According to Viola, the restoration of the gazebo helps to honor the community’s heritage, the Golf Club’s legacy, and the decades of philanthropy associated with the Taylor Bank tournament.

“We recognize the importance of preserving Ocean Pines’ history and honoring the enduring contributions made through the Taylor Bank tournament. The exceptional work carried out by Public Works, in collaboration with Don and the Golf Committee, exemplifies our commitment to this vision,” Viola said.

The Taylor Bank Scramble is scheduled for Wednesday, July 12 this year. The deadline for players and sponsors is Monday, July 10.