Voices From The Readers – May 12, 2023

Voices From The Readers – May 12, 2023

Teachers Need To Speak Up And For Their Students


(The following represents an open letter to Worcester County teachers and administrators.)

Everyone in this community knows our teachers and administrators are the best of the best. The problem is our system is flawed, and two entirely different thought processes all together. At this point no one can deny our government is at best corrupt, and worst-case scenario it has been infiltrated and failing us on purpose. Your employers, the public school system fall under the governmental umbrella. It is not a standalone entity or structure from the government by any stretch of the imagination.

Teachers and administrators have it really tough these days, I know. The reality is we’re all in this together, and America is on her knees. I’m not referring to whose president either. The president does not run our country, and never has, corporations do.

Thank you to all the teachers and administrators who still care. Perspective is everything, and how we think and feel about something does not equal truth. The truth is our entire system is not in alignment with nature, and natures laws. This is why we are experiencing a disharmonious atmosphere within every aspect of our lives in the US and globally. Nature is the great equalizer and balancer of all things.

The school system is under major scrutiny right now because there are forces at play that know controlling the minds of our kids is one of the many ways they will be able to harness their power over the US, and control the direction of humanity globally. The problem I see is that many refuse to see the deeper issues playing out, for favor of disrupting their comfort zone. This is what I call living inside of the problem, where doing nothing is absolutely doing something, which is helping the controllers take us down that much easier. This is a real problem for me and my associates who cannot allow this to occur.

People need to stop turning a blind eye and allowing themselves to be fooled and hemmed up by taking things personally. Again, emotions do not equal the truth, and the powers that be know this, and use it to their advantage. It’s called divide and conquer. They are using us as pawns, keeping us distracted and divided from seeing what’s really happening in the US and around the world. Smaller weaker groups are much easier to control especially when they are mad, angry and upset. This also creates disharmony in the body causing illness and disease.

What our teachers can do is stay focused on teaching and doing the amazing job they have always done. Although understand this, any teacher at this point that wants to remain in alignment with their soul will have to start speaking up to things they know are not in alignment with the best interest of our children. Again, two different things.

For example, seeing unique or different and infiltrating the minds of small children by conditioning and grooming are two separate powers entirely. Don’t let the fluff and twisting of words and scenarios fool you as a disguise of freeform or freedom. Protect our kids, they are the future.

If you are unaware of what is really happening in the world, within our government, and the organizations that make decisions for humanity as a whole, please reach out. I will walk you gently down the path of discovering what’s really been happening, and right underneath our noses for decades. I am happy to teach workshops to educate our educators on the truth. We need to come together as peaceful and loving community members and take full control of our future.

Do not confuse this message as being political or religious in any way, as I am neither. Understand this, teachers and administrators, none of this is your fault in how we got here. However, it is absolutely your responsibility to at least look into all the allegations being made against the system in which you collect your paycheck. You cannot hide behind cognitive dissonance any longer, it’s time to rise up and question everything and stand up to authority regardless how uncomfortable it is. If you choose not to educate yourselves then kindly step aside and remain.

Jamie Rice

Ocean City


Forensic Audit Needed Of Public School Budget


Below are my comments from the public hearing on the FY24 budget. Please publish as an op-ed.

Transparency and accountability should be the cornerstone of Worcester County Government. We work for the people in our county and as you’ve heard tonight, they request this of all of us, as they should, they are the taxpayers.

The largest part of our budget is the Board of Education and coincidentally the least transparent and accountable to the taxpayers. It’s time to end the excuse “it’s never been done before” or “this is unprecedented”, when it should have been done all along.

We owe it to all county taxpayers to be as transparent as possible.

With that in mind, I propose a forensic audit of the last five years by an independent agency and let true transparency begin there and not go back to the days of a skin and bones budget that lacks any real transparency or accountability to the people asked to fund our schools, the county taxpayer.

This was not in my comment. I would like to add that this is not because we want to cut positions or fund the bus drivers, as has been stated by some, but quite the opposite. Those comments have never been said by the County Commissioners that I am aware of.

My comment begins at one hour, 29 minutes. https://worcestercountymd.new.swagit.com/videos/225571

Caryn Abbott


(The writer is a Worcester County Commissioner representing District 1.)