Go Green OC Partnership Announced

OCEAN CITY – The Town of Ocean City announced this week its partnership with Go Green OC, a local non-profit organization whose goal is to make the resort the first zero waste town in the United States.

The partnership will include the largest compost operation ever seen on the eastern shore of Maryland with nearly 30 Ocean City businesses participating and a goal of 500,000 to 750,000 pounds of food waste diversion in 2023.

As part of this initiative, Ocean City will also begin moving events at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center toward zero waste over the next five years with a goal to reduce waste by 90%. The partnership with Go Green OC will provide the necessary resources and expertise to achieve this goal.

“We are more than thrilled to be partnering with Ocean City,” said Josh Chamberlain, founder of Go Green OC. “This partnership will accelerate our goals faster than ever before. In 2023, we should surpass one million pounds of food waste diverted since the inception of our program in 2018 and grow our zero waste goals in tandem with our local allies.”

The town’s leadership is equally excited about this partnership and the impact it will have on the local community and environment.

“Ocean City has always been committed to being a sustainable and responsible community,” said Mayor Rick Meehan. “Our partnership with Go Green OC takes that commitment to the next level. We are excited to lead the way in promoting sustainability and supporting Go Green OC in their efforts to make Ocean City the first zero waste resort town in the United States.”

This partnership represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future for Ocean City and demonstrates the town’s commitment to preserving the environment for future generations. The initiative is also expected to serve as a model for other communities across the country.

“We’ve been striving towards this goal for years, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with Ocean City and our local allies, including Maryland Coastal Bays, Assateague Coastal Trust, Sierra Club Lower Eastern Shore Group, Surfrider Foundation – OCMD, and Ocean City Surf Club,” said Garvey Heiderman, Director of Compost Operations at Go Green OC. “Together, we’re committed to achieving a zero-waste Ocean City and promoting sustainability in our community.”