Fenwick To Form Parking Committee

FENWICK ISLAND – A new committee is expected to address parking issues in Fenwick Island.

Last Friday, the Fenwick Island Town Council voted unanimously to establish an Ad Hoc Parking Committee to explore potential parking solutions in town.

“I would like to form an Ad Hoc Parking Committee to review some situations and problems with the idea of coming up with a creative solution,” said Mayor Vicki Carmean. “I’m asking council to authorize this committee at this time.”

Carmean told council members last week that while the issue was initially brought to the town’s Charter and Ordinance Committee for review, she was recommending the creation of a separate workgroup.

“Parking is one of the big problems we have in this town,” she said. “At first, I thought I couldn’t do anything about our existing problems, all I could do was plan for the future to make sure we don’t come up short on parking places for any new business. But I started thinking about it, and I talked to Pat [Schuchman, town manager], we talked about it some more and we decided we would like the town to consider a plan B to address current parking problems.”

Councilwoman Natalie Magdeburger said she supported the creation of a committee, particularly to address parking concerns within the commercial district.

“I think we absolutely need to do this …,” she said. “So much of the tension that’s in town stems from or is created by this perceived and real problem with parking. I think it’s very important to get the businesses involved to take a look at some solutions that everyone can live with. We may need to be creative and think outside the box.”

Officials noted that some Fenwick Island business owners had expressed an interest in working on a committee. Councilwoman Janice Bortner, however, noted the timing was less than idea.

“Unfortunately, with these businesses going into their season, they really can’t concentrate on this until the fall,” she said.

After further discussion, the council voted unanimously to create an Ad Hoc Parking Committee.

Carmean also encouraged volunteers to apply for a seat on the committee. She said those interested can contact Town Administrator Raelene Menominee.

“I’m going to reach out to the community. If you are inclined to volunteer your time and you’re not afraid to think outside the box, we would appreciate hearing from you …,” she said. “I’m looking for at least seven good people. And I know businesses may be at a disadvantage right now, but if we get started early we can think of some solutions and move on from there.”

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