Worcester Preparatory School’s Third Grade Science Fair

On Friday, Jan. 14, Worcester Preparatory School’s third grade class presented a world of inspiration, dedication and fun at this year’s Science Fair. In preparation of the Science Class, each student of the 3rd grade class wrote their own testable questions for a science experiment to show all the parts of the scientific method. After forming a hypothesis, they were required to design an experiment to collect data and draw conclusions based on their results.

“I was very impressed by the number of students who formed questions based on their personal interests. We had students conducting experiments with Lego cars, fishing knots, horses, and various types of food,” third grade teacher Lisa Sharpley said. “My favorite part of our science fair is seeing the excitement from each child while sharing their hard work with their peers. I am proud of each and every one of them.”

Students D

Pictured left, Jad Salem tested how much salt does it take to float an egg for this year’s Science Fair. Below, Madelyn Bobenko’s experiment, The Influence of Activities on a Pony’s Heart Rate, was a show stopper. Bottom right, Tejal Pillai proudly stands with her experiment, Blowing Up Balloons.

Students E

Students F