Cops & Courts – February 11, 2022

Multiple Assaults On Officers

OCEAN CITY — A local man was arrested on multiple charges this week after allegedly assaulting police officers and threatening to kill them during an incident at a downtown residence.

Around 1:20 a.m. on Monday, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers were dispatched to a residence on 8th Street for a reported male suspect banging on the door of a neighbor’s residence. The suspect, later identified as Christopher Holt, 45, of Ocean City, was reportedly banging on the door of his neighbor’s residence and accusing him of being with his wife.

OCPD officers responded and found blood smeared on the doors of both residences, according to police reports. Officers could hear the sound of grunts from Holt coming from inside his unit. Holt came out and the officers noted his hands were covered in blood and he exhibited signs of intoxication.

According to police reports, Holt sat on the ground and began screaming expletives at the officers on the scene. and began smashing his fists against the ground. Through the open door of Holt’s residence, officers noted the unit was in disarray with furniture turned over and other belongings scattered on the floor throughout the unit. There was also fresh blood smeared on the front door and fresh blood droppings on the carpet, according to police reports.

Officers were concerned and called out to see if there was anyone else in distress. When one officer attempted to enter the unit, Holt stood up and screamed he was not going inside and pushed the officer in the chest with both hands, according to police reports.

At that point, Holt was placed under arrest for assaulting the officer. As other officers attempted to take Holt into custody, he repeatedly tensed his body and tried to get out of their grasp. The officer who had been assaulted warned the other officers he was going to deploy his taser and they released their grasp on Holt, according to police reports. When Holt got up and moved toward the officer, the officer deployed his taser and he grunted loud and fell backward onto the ground, according to police reports.

Even after he was tased, Holt continued to resist multiple officer’s attempts to handcuff him. During the incident, he reportedly kicked an officer multiple times to the point he had to be restrained in a violent prisoner restraint device. Throughout the incident, Holt reportedly told all of the officers on the scene he was going to kill them.

Holt was eventually subdued and was transported to the Public Safety Building for processing. Holt reportedly attempted to spit several times on booking officers and additional assault charges were tacked on. All in all, Holt was charged with multiple counts of assault on police officers, resisting arrest, a threat of mass violence and malicious destruction of property.


More Officer Assaults

OCEAN CITY — An Ocean City man was arrested last weekend after allegedly causing a scene at a downtown hotel and assaulting multiple police officers.

Around 11:30 p.m. last Saturday, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers were dispatched to a hotel at 21st Street for a reported disorderly male who was not a guest at the hotel. Upon arrival, OCPD officers heard a male suspect later identified as William Wood III, 73, of Ocean City screaming expletives and racial slurs from as far as 100 feet away, according to police reports.

OCPD officers located Wood standing in the hotel driveway blocking a vehicle that was attempting to enter. Officers also observed a group of people in the hotel lobby who appeared appalled by Wood’s expletive-laced tirade, according to police reports.

An OCPD officer approached Wood and asked him if he was okay, to which he replied, “They’re trying to shoot me,” according to police reports. OCPD officers continued to ask Wood questions, but he just stared at them blankly and exhibited signs of intoxication, according to police reports.

After refusing to comply with orders to stop screaming, Wood was taken into custody. While Wood was being searched, he continued to scream and spit on a female officer, according to police reports. Wood was placed in a transport vehicle, which has an interior cage and a small pass-through window, which the transporting officer closed.

According to police reports, Wood continued to attempt to spit on the transporting officer through the pass-through window in the police vehicle. He was charged with multiple counts of assault on officers, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and failure to obey a lawful order.


Sisterly Love

OCEAN CITY — A local woman was arrested on assault charges last week after allegedly getting into a fight with her sister at an uptown residence.

Around 1:20 p.m. last Tuesday, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers responded to a residence on Pine Tree Road for a reported fight in progress. While officers were responding, Ocean City Communications relayed real-time information from the caller, who reported her two daughters were actively fighting.

As officers arrived, Ocean City Communications reported the fight was no longer in progress. OCPD officers located one of the alleged combatants, identified as Jamie Lockee, 31, of Ocean City, who was told to sit on a chair on the porch, according to police reports.

OCPD officers separated Lockee from her sister and interviewed both women. According to the victim’s statement, she was in the kitchen at the sink when Lockee reportedly entered the room and made a disparaging comment about her sister’s looks. The victim told police Lockee came at her while her back was turned, and a physical altercation occurred, according to police reports.

Once the two separated, the victim told police she went outside to smoke a cigarette and Lockee came outside and spit in her face. At that point, the physical fight started again, and both fell to the ground. The victim told officers when their mother started calling the police, the fighting stopped, according to police reports.

OCPD officers observed the victim with blood on her hands and pants. The victim reportedly told police she cut her finger when she was removing a piece of broken glass from her sock. The victim also told police her head hurt, likely because of Lockee pulling her hair, according to police reports.

The victim reportedly told police when she walked outside, Lockee locked the door to keep her out. The victim told police she must have banged on the glass door too hard because the glass broke, which is how she got the cut on her middle finger, according to police reports.

OCPD officers interviewed Lockee, who essentially corroborated the victim’s version of the incident, including the initial name-calling and the subsequent physical altercation. She reportedly told police a male witness at the residence repeatedly broke up the fight. OCPD officers determined Lockee was the primary aggressor and she was arrested and charged with second-degree assault. It was also learned during the investigation Lockee was wanted on an active warrant from Pennsylvania.


Traffic Stop Drug Bust

OCEAN CITY — A Delaware man was arrested last weekend after drugs and open containers of alcohol were found in his vehicle with unrestrained juveniles in the back seat following a traffic stop.

Around 10:30 p.m. last Friday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer patrolling in the area of 57th Street observed a vehicle traveling on Coastal Highway with no headlights, tail lights or side marker lights on. The officer activated emergency lights and siren and initiated a traffic stop of the vehicle, which eventually pulled into a parking space on 52nd Street.

The officer approached the vehicle and made contact with the driver, identified as Colby Lecates, 20, of Laurel, Del. When Lecates opened the driver’s side window, the officer detected an overwhelming odor of marijuana emanating from the passenger compartment. The officer also observed three young juveniles in the back seat not wearing any safety restraints.

The officer had all of the occupants exit the vehicle. A search of the vehicle revealed a clear plastic bag in the center console containing an amount of marijuana over 10 grams. Also in the center console the officer located a small digital scale with marijuana residue.

In the glove compartment, the officer located three vape cartridges containing concentrated marijuana, according to police reports. Also in the glove compartment, the officer located a plastic vial containing suspected MDMA, or Molly. In the back seat, the officer located an open bottle of Crown Royal and an open bottle of Hennessey. In the center console cup holder was an open bottle of Twisted Tea. Lecates was arrested and charged with possession of over 10 grams of marijuana, possession of MDMA and the open container violations.


Drugs, Paraphernalia Found

OCEAN CITY — A Snow Hill resident was arrested last weekend after drugs were allegedly found in her purse and in the vehicle in which she was traveling, and for providing false identification to police officers.

Around midnight last Saturday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer patrolling in the area of 9th Street observed a vehicle making numerous traffic violations before crossing out of Ocean City on the Route 50 bridge. The officer conducted a traffic stop in West Ocean City.

The officer approached the driver and observed a female passenger later identified as Sandra Elliott, 36, of Snow Hill, laid over in the front seat as if trying to conceal something. The officer observed Elliott reaching under the front seat, according to police reports.

The officer reportedly observed Elliot’s left arm wrapped around a pink purse as if she was attempting to obscure the purse from the officer’s view. According to police reports, the officer observed one orange syringe cap and one complete syringe sticking out of the purse. Elliott continued to make furtive movements in the vehicle. The officer asked both occupants to exit the vehicle for a weapons search and they complied, according to police reports.

When Elliott moved away from the passenger side door, the officer observed a glass pipe with burn marks lying in the grass directly beside the vehicle, according to police reports. In the vehicle, the officer located various amounts of cocaine and crack cocaine, five syringes and other paraphernalia, according to police reports.

When asked for identification, Elliott reportedly told police she did not have any on her person and provided her sister’s name and date of birth, but officers located Elliott’s driver’s license in her purse. She was arrested for possession of cocaine and providing false identification information to avoid arrest.