Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann – October 15, 2021

Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann – October 15, 2021

Stone Free was located on Caroline Street behind the former Maryland Inn just off the Boardwalk. It was a popular shop that catered to the so-called “hippie” crowd of the early 1970s as well as younger teens fascinated with the psychedelic culture of that era.

Remembered for the tunnel where dozens of black light posters were on display, Stone Free was known as a “head shop,” which specialized in beads, bongs, rolling papers, and leather goods. It was run by a man of Indian descent named Ashook who wore white clothing and practiced yoga on the beach next to the Boardwalk.

The psychedelic period ended in the mid-70s and Stone Free faded into history. Although gone now for over 45 years there are some that say on a calm night the smell of incense still lingers in the air along Caroline Street — another memory of a vanishing Ocean City.

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Image courtesy Wayne Cannon

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