Gratitude For Courageous ‘Humble Hero’

Gratitude For Courageous ‘Humble Hero’

On the minds of many this week were two major accidents occurring 48 hours apart and within 10 miles of each other.

Though details were scant Friday night, it was clear there was at least one fatality in the accident on Assateague Road. A vehicle made an abrupt U-turn on the road in front of another vehicle, resulting in a horrific collision that killed a U.S. Navy lieutenant and severely injured at least two others. A GoFundMe page was set up this week to help the family and the goal was immediately reached and surpassed. It was a clearly a major loss for this family and his many friends in the service. Other individuals were also severely injured in the accident, and we hope for the best outcome possible for those individuals.

On Sunday afternoon, it appeared initially the weekend was about to become even more grim when multiple vehicles collided on the Route 90 Bridge, resulting in a truck striking the side of the bridge and nearly falling into the bay below. It was immediately learned a young child strapped into a car seat had been ejected into the bay 30 feet below. A Good Samaritan witnessed the accident and immediately jumped into the water below, saving the child from certain drowning. A pontoon boat nearby witnessed the situation and immediately came to the aid of the man and child, transporting them to a nearby boat ramp for emergency medical care.

Though there were early concerns about the child taking in too much water, it was learned Tuesday she was going to be fine and was being released from the hospital. In fact, all the individuals who were injured in the gnarly accident have been released from the hospital and have no significant ailments.

It’s a remarkable story and it’s difficult not to marvel over how this situation could have easily been another fatal accident. If the collision had occurred at a different angle, the vehicle could have toppled over into the bay. If the vehicle had struck the side of the bridge’s retaining wall in another fashion, the child in the car seat could have been crushed. If the accident occurred exactly how it did in the winter months, the child’s fate would have likely have been different. These are difficult hypotheticals to imagine, but inevitable thoughts to consider when all the various factors of this miraculous event are weighed. Perhaps it’s fine to just say faith, good fortune, courage, luck and divine intervention combined to create a true miracle.

Though thoughts remain with the family and friends mourning the loss of a servant to our country, there is reason to celebrate the best human nature has to offer in the Good Samaritan who risked his own life out of instinct to save another. It’s an inspirational story and the man – known as the “humble hero” until he gets his spotlight at Friday’s press conference – deserves a lifetime of accolades for his actions last Sunday.

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