More Review Needed For Shuttle Services

FENWICK ISLAND – Citing the need for clarification, Fenwick Island’s ordinance on shuttle services will head to a resort committee for review.

Last Friday, the Fenwick Island Town Council voted unanimously to refer the town’s ordinance on shuttle services to the Fenwick Island Charter and Ordinance (C&O) Committee for review and discussion.

Town Manager Terry Tieman said the recommendation came from the town’s solicitor, Mary Schrider-Fox.

“We’ve had some confusion about the definition of a shuttle service and also the use of shuttle service,” she said. “We would like to refer that to C&O for clarification.”

Tieman told council members last week the town had only one line in its code that prohibits shuttle services.

“We need to define it better and make sure we clearly state what we want and don’t want,” she said.

When asked if the committee would clarify the definition of a shuttle service, Tieman said that would be the intent.

“Any changes will come back to the council before it’s approved,” Councilman Richard Mais added.

With no further discussion, the council voted unanimously to refer the issue to the town’s Charter and Ordinance Committee.

During public comments, however, resident Janice Bortner questioned if there were plans for implementing a shuttle service in Fenwick.

“I don’t feel there was any real clarification of what is involved,” she said.

Tieman clarified the town had no intention of allowing shuttle services in Fenwick Island.

“We just want to clarify our existing code, which prohibits them …,” she said. “It’s pretty clear we don’t allow them here … but we need to make a clarification that we will not be allowing them, and we need to define things better. That’s all that this is, clarification of the existing code.”

Bortner, however, said she was still concerned the town would not enforce its town code.

“As a citizen I’m a little concerned because other ordinances and violations have been overlooked by the council,” she said. “What’s to stop these shuttles? We haven’t been able to stop other issues, like open-air bars outside and things like that. As a citizen I’d like to know this won’t go forward at all because they’re not allowed.”

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