Voices From The Readers – December 4, 2020

Voices From The Readers – December 4, 2020

Shame On Park Board


Today is Thanksgiving, and I am grateful for many things in my life, however I have the looming anxiety hanging over my head that I may not be able to stay in my home full-time after our case goes to court, possibly next month. An article in last week’s paper quoted some of our Board members here at White Horse Park (WHP) and I was shocked and appalled by the scurrilous comments made by them.

I bought my property in 1999 when I was a human resources manager for a government contractor in the Washington, D.C. area. I owned another home in College Park, Md. In 2009, I upgraded my home here to a single-family occupancy, permanent foundation home that the county provided permits to build. In 2012, I retired and relocated here. I became Social Security Disabled in 2015 after several surgeries. I live my life as fully as possible however to have to get my home ready to sell and move would be a physical hardship I could not endure with my disabilities and as my doctors have confirmed.

But these Board members and the county seem to feel differently. Not only has the BOD worked against us full-time homeowners, they have prevented our election of new members to ensure that they stay in control of the board to enforce their will on our lives. They are spending money on an attorney to fight our case that the 465 homeowners in WHP never asked for. They are totally illegal as their terms have run out, and acting President Melissa Peters did not have the year experience required for her to take the job as president. Others who did qualify were fired. Our election which was to be held in June 2020 was postponed to November with ballots being mailed out to all homeowners in October and a meeting scheduled for Nov. 14.

As soon as our attorney Hugh Cropper requested a continuance of our case because of the ages and health of the 38 full-timers and rise of COVID, our Board within less than 24 hours cancelled the meeting and election. This was a direct attempt to stifle our legal voices to elect persons to our Board much better qualified in a legally held election. Also in the article the county states it has already spent $50,000.00 to fight us 38 senior/elderly/disabled and veteran homeowners here at WHP. Shame on them.

I hope and pray we find an amenable and satisfactory ending to our case soon as the stress is overwhelming, but in the meantime, this Board of Directors here and the county need to be reminded of the word compassion for all.

Sally Connolly



Democracy Prevailed


In response to the letter “Political Reactions,” contrary to Mr. Evans’ beliefs, the ultimate winner of the 2020 presidential election is democracy.

As to the stated “facts” and “election irregularities” in the letter, I have two words – “prove it.”

I suggest during the next election cycle Mr. Evans step up and become an election judge. Become part of the solution, not part of the problem

Teri Denton



Week, Not Weekend Events


The Dispatch’s editorial regarding late September events is troublesome as you consistently refer to them as being held on the “weekend.”  Bike Week as Cruisin’ Week are officially monikered thusly as they begin Thursday, by definition midweek: three days behind, three ahead. Same goes with Springfest and Sunfest. Indeed, the latter’s most hyper occupied day was the first Thursday.

It’s unfortunate that the media continues to unintentionally reinforce the perception that we’re the place to go on Saturday/Sunday at the expense of the weekdays which as you know the town is trying to promote. Continued use of the term “weekend” simply serves to repeat the misconception that that’s the time to visit when in fact the opposite is true: less crowded, more specials, good deals and discounts and a more agreeable non “weekend warrior” class of people (most locals don’t work weekdays and out and about as well). Remember, perception is reality.

Stone Scruggs

Ocean City