Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann – January 31, 2020

Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann – January 31, 2020

English’s Chicken House was built on the corner of 15th Street and Philadelphia Avenue in 1963. For the next 51 years, it would serve some of the best fried chicken ever cooked on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The chicken was breaded with a secret recipe. When served with English’s fresh baked sweet potato biscuits, there were few that could resist such a treat. A carryout shop on the north end of the building sold their famous “Tub O’ Chicken” to go.

English’s Chicken House was often confused with the English Diner on 21st Street (known locally as “Little City Hall” due to the daily breakfasts attended by the current mayor and council members over many years). The two restaurants, however, had separate ownership and were not affiliated with each other.

In 2014, English’s Chicken House closed and the building was later sold at auction. Today the location is occupied by Victoria’s Crab House.

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Photo courtesy Larry Dodd