County To Purchase Portable Ice Rink

County To Purchase Portable Ice Rink
An example of a synthetic ice rink is pictured. Photo courtesy of Glice

SNOW HILL – County officials agreed to spend $50,000 to purchase a synthetic ice rink.

The Worcester County Commissioners on Tuesday voted 5-2 to approve the purchase of a synthetic ice rink. The purchase was recommended by Tom Perlozzo, the county’s director of recreation and parks.

“It is completely portable, available year-round and it does check all the boxes,” Perlozzo said. “It’s unique. It creates some buzzworthy opportunities. It’ll resonate in the communities.”

Perlozzo said his department saved $40,000 in its budget and wanted to use that funding to go toward the purchase of a Glice 52’x32’ synthetic ice rink. In his report to the commissioners, Perlozzo said the rink could be used year-round and could be operated by existing staff, as they had the necessary expertise to handle setting up, operating and maintaining the rink. He indicated sponsor panels could be sold to offset the purchase cost.

“It’ll advance our mission and we can build upon it, especially with additional partnerships,” he said.

Sample events he’s considering using the rink at include Harbor Day, the Worcester County Fair and Blessing of the Combines, among other existing events.

When asked about maintenance costs, Perlozzo said they’d depend on how often the rink was used, as it will be stored in the county’s rec center when it’s not in use.

Though his report put the rink’s price at $62,000, Perlozzo said the cost would be around $50,000.

“I’m going to negotiate that pricing,” he said. “We do have a potential sponsor that may buy the entire rink.”

The commissioners voted 5-2, with Commissioners Jim Bunting and Chip Bertino opposed, to allow Perlozzo’s department to purchase the rink.

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