Wicomico County Officials Honor Outgoing Councilman

SALISBURY – Elected leaders this month commended Wicomico County Councilman Marc Kilmer for his years of public service as he attended his last meeting as a member of the legislative body.

Members of the Wicomico County Council recognized Kilmer for four-and-a-half years of service as a councilman. Kilmer announced his resignation last month, as he and his family will be returning to his home state of Idaho to care for relatives.

“He’s been an excellent representative for the council members and he’s been an excellent representative for Wicomico County as a whole,” Council President John Cannon said.

In a special presentation, officials presented Kilmer with a proclamation and gift to commemorate his last day on the council and to recognize his years of public service.

“It’s always important to have someone you can depend on, whose opinion you can trust, someone who is very balanced and diplomatic in his nature, and we found that in all cases,” Cannon said.

At the conclusion of this month’s legislative session, council members also shared their appreciation for Kilmer.

Councilman Ernie Davis personally thanked Kilmer for his camaraderie over the years.

“We got elected the same year, the same time, and at that time I was the only Democrat,” he said. “They were telling me, ‘Watch out for Marc. He’ll be the worst Republican to get along with.’ But over the years, I’ve talked to Marc numerous times and we’ve had great conversations. We’ve gotten along really well. I’ve learned a lot from him and have enjoyed our conversations.”

Councilman Bill McCain added that Kilmer deserved to be commended for his work.

“Public service is very admirable and anyone willing to do it deserves credit,” he said. “I want to thank you for your service and wish you the best in your move to Idaho.”

Councilman Larry Dodd said he and Kilmer became friends more than a decade ago and that they both spent time serving together in the Wicomico County Republican Club. He said he was going to miss working alongside Kilmer.

“I think his wife is going to be glad we aren’t burning the phone up every single day,” he joked. “You might not see what the council members do when they are not in this forum, but they are working for the citizens.”

While he said Kilmer would be missed, Councilman Joe Holloway applauded him for supporting his family.

“It’s been a pleasure serving with you …,” he said. “You’ve got a great family and I know you will do fine in Idaho. You’ll be back taking care of your grandparents and your parents, and I know that’s where you feel you need to be. I honor you for doing that.”

For his part, Kilmer said it was an honor serving the citizens of Wicomico County and representing residents in District 2.

“I do want to thank the people of District 2 especially,” he said. “I’m a little bias, but I think they are the best people in Wicomico County.”

Kilmer also acknowledged his family’s support and recognized the efforts of the county council, county staff and the county executive.

“It’s been a pleasure serving with everyone,” he said. “We haven’t always agreed, but I believe we’ve all had the best interests of Wicomico County at heart.”

Kilmer was elected to his second consecutive term on the Wicomico County Council in November. His last official day on the council was June 15.

The county’s charter states that when a vacancy on the county council occurs before the end of a council term, the local State Central Committee of the party of which the vacating council member was affiliated shall prepare and submit to the council a list of four nominees for the vacated seat.

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