Cops And Courts – July 13, 2018

Cops And Courts – July 13, 2018

Theft, Burglary Arrests

OCEAN CITY — Three suspects were arrested last week after allegedly taking an early morning swim in a community pool in the resort before entering the unit of a woman who called them out for it and swiping her valuables.

Around 6:50 a.m. last Thursday, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers responded to a motel at 27th Street and Baltimore Avenue for a reported trespassing and theft incident. The officers met with a victim who told police she observed three young people arrive at the motel and climb the fence to swim in the pool in violation of posted no trespassing signs.

The victim told police she spoke to the three individuals, later identified as Brandon Harrison-DiFranco, 20, of Adelphi, Md., Mariah Miller, 20, of Bowie, and Samuel Krauland, 20, of Bethesda, outside her unit before going back inside to use the restroom in her unit. The victim told police while she was in the bathroom, she heard someone enter the unit and heard a rustling sound.

The victim said she called to her husband with no response and then heard the door close. When she exited the bathroom, the victim discovered a shoulder bag had been stolen from her luggage. The victim opened the door and saw the three individuals who had earlier climbed the fence to enter the pool walking away, ending up on the third floor of an adjacent motel.

The victim told police the stolen shoulder bag contained her cell phone valued at $800, prescription glasses valued at $300, eight sets of earrings valued at $400, a clutch wallet containing credits cards, bank cards, her driver’s license, passport and other items all with an estimated value of over $1,500.

While speaking with the officers, the victim observed the three suspects coming out of a third-floor unit of the adjacent motel. The OCPD officers responded and met with Krauland at the third-floor unit. According to police reports, Krauland admitted having a bag matching the description provided by the victim and it could be seen in plain view on a dresser inside the unit.

The red shoulder bag was returned to the victim, who reported most of the contents were still in it except for the cell phone and $20 in cash. The victim identified Harrison-DiFranco as the suspect she had seen running across the motel parking lot with her red shoulder bag. Krauland told police his friend “Brandon” had stolen the bag.

At that point, Harrison-DiFranco was arrested. A search of his swimming trunks pocket revealed the victim’s cell phone. The phone’s case was missing and the data function had already been set, wiping out all of the victim’s pictures, contacts and other data. The phone case was discovered inside the suspect’s unit.

At that point, Krauland was arrested. When questioned, Miller said they had been in the area of the victim’s unit and had collected their belongings, taking the victim’s red bag by mistake. According to police reports, Miller later recanted, telling officers the suspects knew the bag belonged to the victim and had no intentions of returning it.

Based on the evidence and testimony, Harrion-DiFranco was charged with first-degree burglary and theft from $1,500 to under $25,000. Miller was charged with theft from $1,500 to under $25,000 and Kraulan was charged with theft under $100 and possession of over 10 grams of marijuana.


Indecent Exposure Arrest

OCEAN CITY — A Washington, D.C. man was arrested on indecent exposure charges last week after allegedly following a group of girls into the ocean and exposing himself and pleasuring himself in front of them.

Around 3:30 p.m. last Thursday, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers responded to the beach at 7th Street for a reported indecent exposure incident. The officer met with two female complainants who told police they observed a male later identified as Jarso Feyisa, 38, of Washington, D.C., sitting on the public beach about 20 yards from them. The witnesses told police they noticed Feyisa staring at them and a group of teenage girls lying on the beach next to them.

The witnesses told police when the group of teenage girls got up and went into the ocean, Feyisa got up and immediately followed them into the water. The witnesses told police they clearly observed Feyisa in the water staring at the group of young girls and thrusting his hips back and forth. The witnesses said Feyisa exposed his penis and began pleasuring himself in front of the young girls.

One witness told police she approached Feyisa and told him to get away from the young girls before calling police. When the witness confronted Feyisa, he immediately left the area. OCPD officer located Feyisa and questioned him about the incident.

When asked if he had exposed himself to the girls, Feyisa said no and that he had just been adjusting his bathing suit. When asked if he bathing suit had fallen down, Feyisa told officers it had not. According to police reports, Feyisa appeared to be nervous and ashamed. Based on the witness testimony, Feyisa was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.


More Indecent Exposure

OCEAN CITY — A Perry Hall man was arrested on indecent exposure charges last week after dropping his drawers and exposing himself in a downtown bar on the Fourth of July.

Around 5:15 p.m. last Wednesday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was dispatched to a bar on Somerset Street for a reported indecent exposure incident. Ocean City Communications informed the responding officers there was a naked man in the back part of the bar.

OCPD officers responded and met with a bartender, who pointed out the male later identified as Brandon Westbrook, 29, of Perry Hall. Westbrook was now seated at a picnic table at the nearby White Marlin condominium building. The bartender told police Westbrook had entered the bar from a rear entrance and, once inside, lowered his swimming trunks, exposing his private parts. The bartender’s daughter, who was around four years old, according to police reports, was also exposed to Westbrook’s private parts.

The OCPD officer attempted to interview Westbrook at the condo property nearby and noted he was wearing swimming trunks. According to police reports, Westbrook appeared to be heavily intoxicated. When asked for his identification, Westbrook fumbled through his belongings but could not produce any identification. According to police reports, Westbrook would stop looking for the identification multiple times and go off on a different topic.

When the officer got Westbrook to focus on looking for identification, the suspect reportedly asked the officer an offensive question. The officer asked Westbrook to leave the private property and come to his patrol vehicle where they could continue to look for his identification, but he refused. The officer noted in the report Westbrook had a bottle of tequila that was half empty in a brown bag among his possessions.

Another officer arrived on the scene and advised the initial officer about an hour earlier, police had interaction with Westbrook on the beach and that he was escorted off the beach by a female friend. The officer met with Westbrook’s female friend who reportedly told police she had traveled to Ocean City with Westbrook and that after she had escorted him from the beach, she attempted to take him back to her vehicle. However, the friend told police Westbrook fled from her and she had been looking for him for about an hour. Westbrook was ultimately charged with indecent exposure and trespassing.


4th of July Parking Battle Leads To Charges

OCEAN CITY — A Chesapeake Beach, Va. Man was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident involving bodily injury last week after allegedly running into a person attempting to save a parking space on a resort street.

Around 10:30 a.m. last Wednesday, an Ocean City Police Department officer responded to the area of 37th Street for a reported accident that had already occurred with property damage. Upon arrival, the officer met with two complainants who told police they were driving together and looking for a parking spot when they noticed an empty space on 37th Street.

According to police reports, the passenger got out and went to secure the parking space by standing in front of it while the driver turned around to take the spot.

However, according to police reports, a black Kia Amanti driven by Paul Dudzinski, 72, of Chesapeake Beach, Va., pulled forward and proceeded to drive into the open parking spot. The passenger who was standing in the spot told Dudzinski he was holding the spot and his friend was nearby turning around.

According to police reports, Dudzinski continued to pull forward, striking the passenger in the knees with the vehicle’s front bumper. Dudzinkski finished pulling into the parking spot and got out, at which point the passenger on the street advised him he had just hit the passenger with his car. According to police reports, Dudzinksi allegedly said “sue me.”

Dudzinski then fled the scene of the accident without providing any assistance to the victim and without providing any identification or insurance information. The responding OCPD officer obtained a description of the suspect and his vehicle and broadcasted it to police communications.

OCPD officers searched the surrounding area but did not find any individual or vehicle matching the description. Back at the scene, the initial officer provided the victims with his contact information and a case number and how to obtain a copy of the police report before leaving the scene.

A short time late, another OCPD officer located Dudzinski and detained him. The initial officer returned and questioned Dudzinski about being involved in the accident. Dudzinski admitted to driving the suspect vehicle and said he left the scene to go have lunch nearby. Based on the evidence and testimony, Dudzinski was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving bodily injury.


Probation For Stick Assault

OCEAN CITY- A Salisbury woman, arrested in May on assault and weapons charges after allegedly striking a man with a large wooden stick over a cell phone, pleaded guilty this week and was placed on probation for one year.

Around 11:50 a.m. on May 10, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was dispatched to the area of 6th Street and Baltimore Avenue for a reported incident on a city bus. The officer arrived and observed a woman identified as Kenesha Alvira-Encarcion, 22, of Salisbury, carrying a large wooden stick approximately four feet long made of solid wood and resembling a stair railing support.

When the officer arrived, Alvira-Encarcion was standing in the doorway of a municipal bus, which was stopped in the roadway because of the incident. Police questioned Alvira-Encarcion, who said she became angry because a male victim was in possession of her cell phone and would not give it back. Alvira-Encarcion told police she picked up the stick in an alley to use as a weapon and that she had struck the victim several times in the back with it. She told police to check the victim because he would have bruises on his back.

OCPD officers interviewed the bus driver, who told police the male victim had gotten on the bus and paid the fare. He said Alvira-Encarcion followed the victim on the bus, but did not pay the fare and would not get off the bus, which is when he called the police. Construction workers in the area witnessed the attack and corroborated the story. Based on the evidence, Alvira-Encarcion was arrested and charged with assault, disorderly conduct and carrying a dangerous weapon.


Coffee With Cops Next Week

OCEAN CITY — Residents and visitors next week will have an opportunity to meet and greet Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers with the next installment of the Coffee with Cops initiative.

Next Wednesday, July 18, residents and visitors are invited to enjoy a cup of coffee or just stop and say hello to OCPD officers and leadership at the Coffee Beanery on 7th Street and the Boardwalk. The event takes place from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and is the latest in a series of meet-and-greets between the citizens and their police department.

Attendees will have the opportunity to have a casual conversation with OCPD officers and command staff in a relaxed setting where they will be able to ask questions about issues important to them or to the city in general.

“Coffee with Cops events have proven to be a great venue for us to interact and listen to the concerns of our citizens in a casual setting,” said OCPD Chief Ross Buzzuro. “We sincerely thank the Coffee Beanery for their partnership and look forward to our first Coffee with Cops event on the Boardwalk.”