Trash Free Assateague Campaign Launched

Trash Free Assateague Campaign Launched
Approximately 200 pounds of litter was removed from the northern portion of Assateague Island last weekend. Submitted Photo

BERLIN — Assateague Coast Trust (ACT) held its first beach sweep of the Trash Free Assateague project over Earth Day weekend.

Trash Free Assateague, a project developed by ACT Communications Director Billy Weiland to build community awareness and action to end plastic pollution on the North Point of Assateague Island, is gradually growing a support group throughout Delmarva.

“Trash Free Assateague was developed to not only clean up the Wedge, but to draw attention to the root of the problem here,” Weiland said. “We’re not solely focusing on cleaning up this small part of the island, but I anticipate growing this project and utilizing it to bring awareness to the littering problem and trash issues that not just this area faces, but the entire planet.”

Assateague Coastkeeper Kathy Phillips added, “Weiland’s energy and optimism for the project and its possibilities is clear. This is a start, and we are going to continue this project in order to educate the public, clean our beaches and change public habits to stop littering.”