Voices From The Readers – March 30, 2018

Voices From The Readers – March 30, 2018

Distorted Facts Fueled Town Hall Meeting


I attended the Rep. Andy Harris town hall Friday, March 16. It was frustrating not being able to respond to the liberal Democrats’ uneducated ideas about how to deal with gun violence. There was no time. I attended the meeting to encourage Rep. Harris to continue his work on protecting America against an electro-magnetic pulse, EMP, attack that will destroy our electric grid for years and slowly kill millions of Americans. I had to sit there and be tortured hearing person after person get up and suggest unworkable, naive suggestions on how to protect our school children. Person after person illustrated a profound lack of informed judgment. The NRA was a particular target. These liberals actually believe the NRA contributes to gun violence in America. Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels said, “if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth”. They hear, constantly, from liberal Democrats that the NRA is the cause of all gun violence.

Now liberals, how about some facts that I know you all hate. Don’t stop reading as you normally do but learn! Learn that the NRA is on your side. 1. The NRA is America’s oldest civil rights organization. 2. About 1957 the NRA setup charters to help train local black communities to be able to protect themselves against the KKK. 3. In 1934, the NRA supported the National Firearms Act, which served to regulate and tax firearms that were considered used by gangsters at the time. This is the year “assault weapons” were banned. They also supported the Gun Control Act of 1968, which expanded on the system to license firearm dealers and prohibit criminals and those with mental impairments from owning firearms. 4. The NRA supports wildlife conservation through efforts to open lands up to managed hunting 5. The NRA offers training programs for civilians as well as law enforcement. The training programs offered are even recognized by law enforcement as acceptable to fulfill the training requirement for concealed carry licenses (CCW). Today, the NRA has trained over 10,000 police and security firearm instructors and 55,000 certified instructors who in turn train roughly 750,000 people a year. 6) The man with a gun that stopped the church massacre was an NRA instructor. 7. To date, the organization’s Eddie Eagle Gunsafe program has reached over 25 million kids. The main message of the program is to teach kids that should they find a firearm that they should “stop, don’t touch, leave the area, and tell an adult”. 8. The NRA’s current stance on gun control is to enforce existing laws more aggressively. In 2008, in response to the Virginia Tech shooting, the NRA helped to pass the “NICS Improvement Act,” which would provide increased funding and grants to states to report vital information to the National Instant Background Check System (NICS), such as mental health. Many anti NRA people last night were encouraging the very positions that the NRA believes in.

A bad man with a gun is stopped by a good man with a gun. Think about this statement. Most, if not all of our massacres take place in gun free zones and the massacre continues until a good person with a gun stops it. Why are airports, air flights, government buildings, Hollywood stars, politicians, and as we were at the town hall meeting, protected with guns but not our children? I hope Worcester County Schools considers training, clandestinely, school personnel, not just teachers, who volunteer to be trained on how to use a pistol and carry it concealed in our schools.

The NRA can help train these volunteers. Any armed guard will be the first victim in a school massacre. The maniac must not know who is armed. Statistics show that these cowards look for soft targets where they will not be shot back at, AKA gun free zones, one of the most unsafe places in America. Israel is surrounded by hateful people. How many school massacres do we hear about? None, why? They employ walls and guns.

As far as more gun laws and weapons made illegal, there is an overarching law: murder is against the law, what more do you need? Outlaw guns then only outlaws will have them is an undeniable truth. Also, assault weapons have been outlawed since 1934 and the NRA was instrumental at that as stated above. Can someone tell me what is an assault “style” weapon? Is it one that looks like an assault weapon already outlawed? Would a maniac who wants to blow children’s heads off be deterred by a law outlawing the weapon he chooses? This is a ridiculous question.

Are you people sincere about saving children’s lives? Outlaw abortion used as a birth control method. Fifty-eight million children have been murdered since Roe V Wade 1973 and many painfully.

As John Adams said, “facts are stubborn things.” The liberals hate facts.

Dennis W Evans