Pines GM Studying Struggling Amenities

OCEAN PINES – The Ocean Pines Association’s food and beverage operations are under total review following the installation of the community’s new general manager.

General Manager John Bailey, who took over management of the association Sept. 11, told the board of directors last week he was reviewing each aspect of food and beverage operations.

“Finding a short-term solution is like solving a five-sided Rubik’s Cube,” Bailey said. “It’s very difficult.”

Bailey said he’d been reviewing all of the association’s food and beverage operations, including the yacht club and the beach club, and was working on immediate and long-term solutions for the amenities, which have struggled financially this year. In the month of August, revenues at the yacht club were nearly $90,000 under budget while expenditures were over budget. At the beach club, revenues were also $90,000 under budget while expenses were close to $5,000 over budget.

“We’ve got a lot of things to consider,” Bailey said.

At the country club, Bailey said work had been halted. The facility was in the midst of a second-floor renovation when the fire marshal notified the association the terms of its demolition permit had been violated.

“That’s at a standstill,” Bailey said. “I’ve been upstairs. It’s a mess.”

Bailey said another project he was working on was the implementation of a secure entry system at the administration building.

Acknowledging that he was still in his first few weeks as general manager, Bailey told the board he’d continue to spend time out and about in the community in an effort to meet residents and get to know the area.

Director Cheryl Jacobs praised his initial efforts.

“Everybody has been so impressed and so happy with the interest you’ve already taken,” she said.

In his comments, Doug Parks, president of the board, said the directors were committed to governing and working with the general manager to improve the community.

“We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us but I’m confident this team and our general manager is up to the task,” he said.

Parks said the board would also be creating a drainage task force to address what has become a primary concern for Pines residents — flooding. Countless homeowners have sought help from the board in recent months when their yards and homes have flooded during storm events.

“Dialogue will be open,” Parks said.

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