Voices From The Readers – December 16, 2016

Voices From The Readers – December 16, 2016

Community Thanked


The community really stepped up on Nov. 17 to protect clean water and healthy communities, for the 6th Annual Wild and Scenic Film Festival hosted by Assateague Coastal Trust. We could not have brought this fun, affordable, inspiring evening to Morley Hall at Seacrets without the amazing support of our local sponsors and we’d like to encourage the local community to support these fine businesses during the holiday season.

Thank you so very much to our event sponsors: the great crew at Seacrets and Ocean 98 radio; as well as OC Wasabi, South Moon Under, the Maryland Coast Dispatch, and Seaside Plumbing.

Thank you also to our wonderful silent auction donors: A Perfect Face, Anthony’s Beer Wine & Deli, Atlantic Hotel, Patti Backer-artist, Baked Dessert Café, Bleached Butterfly, Blacksmith, Burley Oak, Delmarva Boardsports, Dolle’s, Gilberts Provisions, Go Organic Grocer, Harrison Group, K-Coast Surf Shop, artist Lynne Lockhart, Longridge Gardens, artist Kirk McBride, Nest, artist Fred Peterson, Plak That, Pocomoke Canoe Company, Raggamuffin, Sea La Vie, Siculi, Super Fun Kayak, The Globe, The Iron Horse, The Shark/Culture, Uncle John Soap, Urban Nector, Joe & Lisa Inzerillo, Victorian Charm, West O Bottle Shop and Zenna Wellness.

Steve Farr


(The writer is the development director for Assateague Coastal Trust, Inc.)

Donations Appreciated


Worcester Youth and Family Counseling Services (WYFCS) would like to thank our donors for their continuous support through the years.

Your financial assistance provides a brighter future for children in our community and helps families who are struggling emotionally and financially. As you know, not all families have support systems in place that can help them through difficult times, but they know, and you know, that WYFCS is here to help.

For 41 years, we have been making a difference in the lives of the people we serve. Because of you, we were able to serve thousands of people in Worcester County this year. We helped impoverished families find needed resources, gave at-risk adolescents hope for a brighter future, provided educational and wellness experiences to children, provided therapy services to people of all ages, and advocated for neglected and abused children who live in our community.

We are excited to share with you that over $4,000 was donated to WYFCS through the Giving Tuesday campaign held Nov. 29. Giving Tuesday is a nationally recognized day designed to give thanks and show appreciation for our personal successes by donating to charities that make the world a better place to live. Since our focus is right here in Worcester County, we partnered with the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore to promote Giving Tuesday for local charities.

We are so grateful that you remain committed to our organization and entrust us to brighten the future for our neighbors and friends. If you were not able to give on Giving Tuesday, it is not too late! Please send your donation to WYFCS at 124 N. Main Street, Suite C, Berlin, Md. 21811, or you can donate online at www.gowoyo.org by selecting the donate button at the top of the main webpage.

Steven Taylor


(The writer is the executive direct of WYFCS.)

Liberalism At Its Worst


I don’t want to take the time to write another letter but I am compelled when I read such ridiculous nonsense. I am referring to an advertisement in The Dispatch of Nov. 25. It was headlined, “My Nature Presents”. The author came out with all the typical “sky is falling” dangers of fracking and, in essence, is telling us to change our diet or the planet will suffer. Once again, a liberal telling us to reduce our standard of living. The article states that fracking increases seismic activity, pollutes air, water and soil. The author is fearful that Maryland may start fracking in its western counties and emulate the fantastic success being enjoyed by neighboring Pennsylvania. He or she doesn’t realize that the money saved by cheap gasoline is because of fracking (done on private lands, Obama closed federal lands to fracking). Fracking indirectly gave him or her more money to spend on Christmas than on the gas tank. What is so strange about this piece is that the main point is to get us to grow hemp but weaves that commercial starting with an alarming, inaccurate, hit on fracking and then moves on to our diet. This is really a whack-job piece.

Here is a sample of what was said: “what we currently decide to eat creates more global warming than all the cars, trains, planes, buses and trucks in the world combined.” No studies cited just this alarming blanket statement. Also, “….future generations will unearth our oil- producing artifacts and marvel at how primitive their ancestors were.” No, I say that future generations will look at us and ask how we could legally kill, painfully, unborn babies. How do we look back at slavery now? But I digress or do I?

The liberal progressives are always wrong. What happened to the scare of the 60’s about world population as illustrated in the book “The Population Bomb” by Paul Ehrlich warning of mass starvation in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s? What about the global cooling scare of the ‘70’s that made cover story in Time magazine? We were all going to freeze. That same decade the liberal environmental wacko extremists said we are running out of petroleum. With our sophisticated drilling techniques we are capable of mining at least 200 years’ worth coupled with less use because of natural gas from fracking. How about the ozone hole scare of the ‘80’s? As soon as they outlawed the cheap and very efficient Freon, you didn’t hear a peep out of them. In the ‘90’s they started with the global warming farce that will flood NYC and all coastal towns. I have lived on waterfront property for 34 years and have not seen a one-inch sea level rise. As a matter of fact, I own an air boat because there is so little water. And now in 2016 we have the general, catchall scare phrase, “climate change.” It was changed from “global warming” to “climate change” due to the hacking of the East Anglia emails that admitted that global warming was a hoax.

Let’s pray that Maryland does reap the many wonderful benefits of natural gas production thereby reducing and, under this new administration, illuminating our dependence on those radical countries that want to kill us all.

Dennis W Evans


Church Bazaar Successful


This letter is being written to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to everyone in the Berlin community that supported the Stevenson United Methodist Church Christmas Bazaar and Silent Auction that was held on Dec. 3 in Berlin.

We are so blessed to live in an area that is so willing to support our churches and others, in our community.

The businesses, patrons, and Stevenson Congregation that assisted, donated and/or attended this event have accomplished a great thing.

With the support Stevenson received from everyone, our church has been able to provide a helping hand to others in our community, such as assisting local families in their time of need. That is what the Christmas season is all about.

For this Christmas season, please support our local businesses. The local businesses and craft vendors that helped make this event a success are as follows:

Maryland Coast Dispatch, Runaway Tide General Store, Hairworks, Bruder Hill, Fins Restaurant, One of a Kind hand-made gifts, Island Creamery, Lynn Ransely, Andrea Kenney, Trudi Grosch – Perfectly Posh, Marie Barker, Victoria Hotz – Ei Bead, Pat Oltman of Premier Designs Jewelry, Mallory Eckman, 2 Crafty Ladies, Kim Esham – Orgami Owl, Ronnie Gray – Handcrafted Wooden Items, Lorelei Phillips – Usborne books, Jackie Flora – Crocheted Items, Vicky Nock – Scentsy Products, Mr. Sonny Nock – custom birdhouses and wooden poultry coops.

Merry Christmas to all and again many thanks for being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to the Berlin community.

Stevenson United Methodist Church Christmas Bazaar Committee.