Worcester Prep Students Raise More Than $4,000 Collecting General Mills Box Tops

students-bstudents-cOver the past five years, students collecting General Mills Box Tops for Education have raised more than $4,000 for Worcester Prep, collecting between 10,000-12,000 a year. The money received from General Mills contributes to the WPS Annual Fund, which is used for upgrades and improvements to the school’s infrastructure, programs and technology.  WPS Lower School technology teacher Amanda Lynch organizes the collection of Box Tops year-round within the school. Left are fifth graders Ashton Selzer and Sam Menendez. Lower School teacher Laura Holmes and her fourth grade class won a contest for collecting the most Box Tops. Pictured, right front from left, are Drew McCormick, Frankie Miller, Danielle Carr, Jayden Scopp, Isabella Metz, Briar Parsons, Angie Todorov and Orli Ospital; middle, Will Wells, James Haley, Brennan Schaefer, Paige Barnhart, Jack Lynch and Lydia Schwartz; and, back, Holmes and Lynch.