4th Ocean Games And SUP Cup A Big Success

OCEAN CITY- The 4th Annual Ocean Games, East Coast SUP Cup and other associated events last weekend were once again a big success with hundreds of participants competing in various long-distance swims and stand-up paddleboard events.

The fourth annual event featured a nine-mile ocean swim, a three-mile ocean swim and a one-mile ocean swim for competitors of all skill levels. Going on at the same time was the East Coast SUP Cup paddleboard races in several different divisions.

While the spirited competition was the highlight of last Saturday’s events, perhaps more important was the good cause for which the Ocean Games are dedicated- the Johns Hopkins Brain Rehabilitation Program. The event was conceived by Berlin native Corey Davis, who was treated at the Johns Hopkins Brain Rehabilitation Program following a brain injury he suffered in a motorcycle accident.

Davis regularly races in triathlons, half marathons and long distance swimming events. To give back to the program that helped him so much, Davis founded the Ocean Games as a way to raise funds for the Brain and Stroke Rehabilitation Program, increase awareness of brain injuries and recovery, and promote the positive effects that sports have on the brain and the body.

For the record, in the nine-mile wetsuit swim, David Speier of Bishopville was first, R.J. Phiambolis of Sellersville, Pa. was second and Kelsey Gallager of Sykesville, Md. was third. In the nine-mile, non-wetsuit, Reeven Nathan of Highland Park, Ill. was first, Meredith Gouger of Cockeysville, Md. was second and Kent Lassman of Alexandria, Va. was third.

In the three-mile swim, Colleen Phelan of Devon, Pa. was first, Allison Alexander of Rockville, Md. was second and Ken Pakula of Alexandria, Va. was third. In the one-mile swim, Thomas Krajewski of Centreville, Va. was first, Kevin Barrick of York, Pa. was second and Shayne Custodio of Ocean City was third.

In the Top Elite men’s paddleboard14-foot division, Steven O’Boyle was first, Brian Meyer was second and Emerson Smith was third. In the Top Elite men’s 12.6 paddleboard, Mark Nelson was first, Quintin Chiapperino was second and Tim Burke was third. In the Top Elite men’s 12.5 or under, Luke Hevner was first, Kevin Owens was second and Robert Bowman was third.

In the Top Open men’s 14-foot category, Jeff Quillin wasa first, Eric Moser was second and Mariano Daguiar was third. In the Top Open men’s 12.6, Trevor Raithby was first, Jeff Cook was second and Matt Ellis was third. In the Top Open men’s 12.5 and under, Chad Rogers was first, Brian Muller was second and Richard Pinero was third.

In the women’s Top Elite 12.6, April Zilg was first, Corrine Banks was second and Kathy Summers was third. Rachael Novak finished first in the Top Elite women’s under 12.5. In the Top Open women’s 12.6, Lisa Long was first, Jessica Morgan was second and Jessie Benson was third. In the Top Open women’s under 12.5, Kale Grove was first, Nancy Wallace was second and Cass Bosco was third.