Cops And Courts – July 15, 2016

Cops And Courts – July 15, 2016
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Sexual Solicitation Of A Minor Arrest

OCEAN CITY — An Ocean City man faces sexual solicitation of a minor charges this week after allegedly reaching out to his ex-fiance’s 14-year-old daughter to move to the resort with him and begin a sexual relationship.

The adult female victim told Ocean City police she and her 14-year-old daughter were set to move to the resort to live with her fiancé, identified as Edward Orefice, Jr., 37, until the couple broke off their engagement in June. A short time later, the adult female’s juvenile daughter told her she wanted to move to California and live with her friend, according to police reports. When asked how she intended to get to California, the juvenile reportedly told her mother she had $18 for a bus ticket.

The adult female knew a bus ticket from Baltimore County to Ocean City cost $18 because she had recently made the trip and began to become suspicious of her juvenile daughter’s real intentions and that she was secretly communicating with Orefice. Based on that suspicion, the adult female began looking at her daughter’s cell phone. When the daughter learned her mother was reviewing her cell phone, she ran away, but was located a short time later by Baltimore County Police.

While looking through her daughter’s cell phone, the adult female saw several messages between her 14-year-old daughter and Orefice through text messages and social media messages, all of which were sexual in nature. According to police reports, the messages between Orefice and the juvenile repeatedly mentioned meeting for sex. In one message, Orefice reportedly offered to send the juvenile money for a bus ticket to Ocean City.

After the mother notified Ocean City police, a search and seizure warrant was issued for Orefice’s resort residence and he was taken into custody last Wednesday. When presented with the evidence, Orefice admitted to police he had sent and received the sexual messages from the juvenile and that he knew she was 14. He also told police a search of his phone would reveal nude pictures of himself sent to the juvenile as well as nude pictures the juvenile sent to him. Based on all of the evidence, Orefice was arrested and charged with sexual solicitation of a minor.

‘Ping Pong Ball’ Driving

OCEAN CITY — A man was arrested on DUI, assault on a police officer and other serious charges on Sunday after allegedly “ping-ponging” through a downtown restaurant parking lot, getting in a fight with the restaurant manager, spilling out of his vehicle and ultimately hitting and kicking an officer.

Around 8 p.m. on Sunday, Ocean City police responded to a downtown restaurant parking lot for a reported hit-and-run collision. OCPD Communications informed the responding officers the suspect, later identified as Daniel Dugan, 59, was preparing to fight with the restaurant manager.

Witnesses said prior to the officers’ arrival, Dugan was operating a Ford work van through the parking lot like a “ping pong ball” and struck a vehicle, traveled north on St. Louis Ave. and returned and parked across several parking spaces. Witnesses told police Dugan then opened the door and fell out of the van.

When OCPD officers made contact with Dugan, he became verbally aggressive and refused to submit to field sobriety tests. According to police reports, Dugan also kicked and struck and OCPD officer while police were speaking with him. He was charged with DWI, second-degree assault, failure to stop after a property damage accident, intoxicated endangerment and other traffic-related counts.

Indecent On The Beach

OCEAN CITY — A Fairfax, Va. man was arrested on indecent exposure last weekend after allegedly revealing himself on a crowded downtown beach.

Just before 8 p.m. last Friday, an Ocean City Beach Patrol officer working on an ATV was flagged down by a crowd on the beach in reference to a man later identified as Ahmed El Hadad, 35, lying down by the water’s edge with his genitals exposed. When the lifeguard told El Hadad he had to leave the beach, El Hadad allegedly told the officer to “go [expletive deleted] himself,” according to police reports.

An OCPD officer arrived on the scene and observed at least five small children playing by the water’s edge nearby with several other beachgoers walking by. Based on the evidence and witness testimony, El Hadad was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

Five Alleged Dealers Busted

OCEAN CITY — Five people were arrested on drug distribution charges last week after an anonymous caller observed suspicious activity from a vehicle in the downtown area.

Around 12:15 p.m. last Thursday, Ocean City police received an anonymous call reporting an apparent drug deal from a vehicle in the area of Dorchester Street and Baltimore Avenue. OCPD Communications broadcast a description of the vehicle, which was observed a short time later by an officer near 5th Street. A second officer observed the same vehicle now in the area of 10th Street. OCPD officers stopped the vehicle and could reportedly smell a strong odor of marijuana from as far away as 15 feet.

OCPD officers pulled over the vehicle and had all of the occupants removed and handcuffed. The driver was identified as Joshua Cavanaugh, 21, of Mount Dora, Fla. and the passengers were identified as Marcus McCrae, 33; Malik Hough, 20, Danielle Allen, 30; and Bryan Milsapp, all of Washington, D.C. A search of the center console revealed 20 Baggies of powder cocaine, 12 Baggies containing 46 Alprazolam pills, 14 Baggies of psilocybin powder, and five Baggies containing MDMA, or Molly.

When asked what was in the center console, Cavanaugh reportedly told police there was “shroom powder” and “zanny bars.” All of the drugs were packaged in a manner to be sold on the street. In addition, a small amount of marijuana was found in a backpack claimed by Allen and a spring-loaded knife was found in the vehicle in the area where Hough was sitting. Hough was also found in possession of two cell phones, which police observed as a typical indication of a drug dealer. All five suspects were arrested and charged with various drug distribution charges.

Officers Injured By Unruly Arrestee

OCEAN CITY — A N.J. man was arrested on disorderly conduct and assault charges this week after allegedly scrapping with cops after getting tossed from a mid-town nightclub.

Around 1:40 a.m. on Sunday, an OCPD officer on bicycle patrol in the area of 49th Street observed Seacrets security physically removing a patron, later identified as Kevin Burns, 22, of New Milford, N.J. The officer observed Burns’ friends attempting to escort him down the sidewalk, but he struggled and staggered and fell into a group of people, according to police reports.

The OCPD officer approached Burns and handcuffed him, at which point Burns reportedly said, “I am going to [expletive deleted] sue you,” according to police reports. The officer called for a transport vehicle and two other officers arrived. During the attempt to put Burns in the transport van, Burns allegedly kicked and struck the officers, wounding two of them. Burns was eventually subdued and was transported to police headquarters where he was charged with three counts of second-degree assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Tased Suspect Fined After Assaulting Officer

OCEAN CITY — A Delaware man, arrested for allegedly assaulting an Ocean City police officer and resisting arrest after getting tossed from a midtown nightclub and ultimately tased in May, pleaded guilty this week to disorderly conduct and was fined $500.

Around 5:30 p.m. on May 29, OCPD officers were affecting an arrest outside Seacrets on 49th Street when they observed bar security escorting a combative individual out of the club. The suspect, later identified as Joseph Filliben, 24, of Wilmington, was allegedly screaming obscenities and pushing and pulling against the security staff. An OCPD officer approached and attempted to calm Filliben down to no avail. Filliben was accompanied by three friends who were also attempting to calm him.

After Filliben was calmed to some degree, he was asked to quietly leave the area or he would be arrested. As he left the area, Filliben continued to flail his arms and yell obscenities at the officers and others in the area. Again, he was asked to just leave the area or risk being arrested. As he continued to walk away, Filliben then directed his obscenities and fighting words toward individuals on the street and sidewalk and challenging others to fight.

Having seen and heard enough, the OCPD officers attempted to take Filliben into custody. When told he was under arrest, the suspect reportedly told police “no, I’m not,” and then struck on officer on the arm, releasing his grip. Filliben continued to push away from the officer and attempt to walk away while roughly 100 bystanders observed the scene. Finally, after Filliben battled with three officers, one officer deployed his taser into the suspect, which resulted in bringing him into compliance. Filliben was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and second-degree assault on a uniformed police officer. On Tuesday, Filliben pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was fined $500.

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