The Resort… Revisited – July 1, 2016

The Resort… Revisited – July 1, 2016
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Summer of 1961

Vol. 7

Edition 3

New this summer at Frontier Town, guests could find fun on the new stagecoach run and a meal at the Longhorn Saloon & Beef House.

An editorial entitled, “The Hardy Breed,” celebrated the Ocean City businessman’s tenacity and easy-going nature in the face of a devastating hurricane.

“Incoming Charter Boats Tell of Day’s Hunting with Marker Flags” enumerated the array of flags flown by charter vessels and what each signifies in terms of that day’s catch.

At the Surf & Sands Motel, the very one mentioned in “the Hardy Breed” to have been hit hard by a hurricane the previous summer, featured private oceanside decks off every one of its rooms.

For anyone looking to enjoy harness racing in style, Ocean Downs Raceway’s Grand Stands dining room opened new this season.

This summer, more and more women began ditching their swimming caps in favor of letting their hair down. In response to this trend, The Resorter published tips for protecting hair from the beach elements. The tips included using petroleum hair tonic to, “form a protective coating,” and, “supplement natural oils.”