Couple Donates $50K To Worcester Ed Foundation

Couple Donates $50K To Worcester Ed Foundation
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OCEAN CITY — Local education advocates Jon and Judy Tremellen recently stepped up with a generous donation of $50,000 in support of the Worcester County Education Foundation’s goals, which include supporting teachers and providing equal access to a first-class education for every student in Worcester County.

“So many people in our county are beginning to understand that if we provide the tools necessary to teach excellence in the early years, our community reaps the benefits of well-educated adults who contribute to our community down the road,” said Judy Tremellen. “We know that education is key to anyone’s success and by providing equal access to a great education, we all win.  Our boys were fortunate to have experienced a wonderful education from both the private and public school systems in Worcester County. Jon and I have always been especially strong advocates for education and the arts and were inspired by the article about Pam and Macky Stansell’s generous contribution to the Worcester County Education Foundation.  We hope that our support for great education will also inspire others in the community to give generously so that every child in our county has an equal opportunity to succeed.”

The Worcester County Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c) 3. It was established in 2013 in order to link community resources with the educational needs of our students, as well as create a perpetual fund that provides grants to teachers and provides Worcester County students with the necessary learning tools in order to succeed.

Contact the WCEF at 410-632-5076 or visit website for more information or to donate online.