Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Internet Speed Slower?


Is it me? Or, am I going crazy? Lately, we’ve noticed that our Internet service has been getting slower and slower.

Often times, our computers would shut down for no logical reason. Then, a few days ago, we received a phone call from Mediacom, asking if we wanted to pay an additional $5.95 to improve our Internet speed. We had just recently negotiated our contract with them. We had to give up some TV cable channels in order to keep our rate at about the same price.

We are getting less now for the rate. When does this all end with dealing with Medicaom? We welcome any suggestions.

Barbara and Andy Loffler

Ocean Pines

Volunteer Spirit Saluted


In celebration of National Volunteer Week, April 11-16, 2016, I am writing to recognize the residents of our community whose lives have been enriched through the feeling that comes from helping others. I encourage you to find a worthy cause with which to volunteer.

I give my time to the American Cancer Society because cancer has touched everyone in some way, including myself and my family. To help others in their fight against cancer is truly humbling.

Volunteers have been the backbone of the American Cancer Society since its founding over 100 years ago. They continue to provide the crusading spirit the Society has needed to champion the fight against this terrible disease.

Each of our volunteers has given time that is both meaningful and close to the heart.

Thank you to local volunteers for their participation in our many programs such as Road to Recovery and Look Good Feel Better, events like Relay for Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, as dedicated members of community advocacy teams, or even helping in a local office to stuff envelopes.

Because of the passion and commitment of these volunteers, the American Cancer Society can continue to save lives by helping people stay well and get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back against cancer.

  1. Clifford Berg

Ocean Pines

(The writer is the past chairman of the American Cancer Society’s South Atlantic Division Board of Directors.)
Political Analysis


By this summer the people will have selected, based on popular votes, the final candidates for both parties. One of the candidates may not be able to run due to the improper handling of “Top Secret” information and the other, because he’s not liked by the “core” members of the party, not allowed to represent their party. The core of the party, by a convention, may select someone they prefer. What do you suppose might happen if either or both of these possibilities occur? I would venture to say there would be major political rallies protesting such intervention in the selection process. The way things are going now there’s a good chance those rallies could turn violent. How would the government or local police respond if that were to happen, especially if they happened not just in one city but in many cities in each of the states throughout the country?

Thinking about such a possibility I looked into the government preparedness activities and what I found is disturbing. The government has Manuals, some dating back to 2005 and earlier, that were written regarding such a possibility. One such manual, The Civil Disturbance Operations (FM3-19.15) defines the reason for civil disorder and control methods allowed. There’s also another Army Manual (FM3-19.40) Internment/Resettlement Operations concerning the handling of Civil Disturbances. In it are the instructions on how to quell riots, confiscate guns and even orders to kill Americans during civil unrest. There is also a government document that list 72 types of Americans as potential terrorists. I suggest you look up the list. Most likely you’ll find something you believe in or feel strongly about in the list that would classify you as a potential terrorist.

Regarding these Internment/Resettlement Operations, there are 800 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) camps that have been set up in America. The one in Alaska, it’s claimed, could handle up to two million people.These camps were originally built for holding a large influx of Illegal’s but, as you know, they aren’t used for that purpose. This administration, instead of placing Illegal’s in these camps, has been putting them on buses and distributing them around to different cities. Some city’s caught them on the way in and sent them back. Other cities, that are financially supported by our government, have accepted them regardless of the law. You’ve got to ask: For what purpose were these camps built to be used for? Looking into it you’ll find they were set up to confine people who are on the list of potential terrorists if Martial Law were to be implemented. I know that’s hard to accept but there are programs you should check out for your understanding of what to expect: REX 84, Operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot. They all define actions permitted and needed for the possible police state. All that is required for these plans to be activated is a signed Executive Order. I suggest everyone look up the Executive orders that are already in place and camp locations. One more recent action you should be aware of was an exercise called “Jade Helm”. It was a military exercise run by various Special Ups groups in the summer of 2015 in six states: Texas, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Utah. What could be the reason or purpose for all of these programs, manuals and actions put together by our government?

What would be needed and what would be the benefit if Martial Law were implemented? Understand up until now all that I’ve written has been based on actual data of things that exist. What I’m about to write is based on my thoughts and projections from the data presented. Will it happen? Maybe. Is there a solution that will prevent it? I’m not sure. So what do I think will happen this summer? We may have as candidates to select from the two candidates presently leading neither of which will be a solution to our present problems but a continuation or worsening of the situation. Or we could end up with two candidates selected by the both party leaders which will cause more discontent with more division within society. Whatever we may end up with the political rallies that may occur may turn violent because within the rallies will be people financed by certain people or organizations inserted to cause the violence. If this happens and the reaction is violence it’s the key element needed for the right of the president to declare “Martial Law.” If it happens, and it is an if, our world, as we have known it, will change overnight.

What could be the possible benefit of such an occurrence? Think about it: If Martial Law was declared, I believe, our nation would be split apart. Portions of the country would separate. The United States would no longer exist and the debt would no longer be a problem. That possibility would be reason enough for certain groups to push for such an outcome. I know that’s a far out thought but these are desperate times and we have political leaders who have no love for our Constitution or our Republic form of government. They would welcome the change and the power and control they would gain. Many private citizen on that list of 72 types of potential terrorist would be rounded up and sent to the FEMA camps many never to be seen again. I know that’s a terrible thought but when you’re dealing with people who want to change our form of government it’s certainly a possibility. Is there a way to deny those that would want this to happen the opportunity? Actually there is: If we the people instead of holding major rallies in many cities where the possibility for violence could occur we limit the size of any rallies and hold it only in Washington DC. By taking action that way we take away any large scale violent actions that would allow them (those that would want the change) a reason, due to large scale violent actions, to issue an order for Martial Law. It may be the only way to prevent “The Summer of Discontent”. I hope I’m wrong on my analysis but all the pieces are in place and ready to be forced upon us. Lets not let it happen.

Paul St. Andre

Ocean City

Donors Appreciated


The Sixth Annual St. Joseph’s Day Italian Festival on March 19 sponsored by the Ocean City Lodge of the Sons of Italy and St. Luke’s/St. Andrew’s Catholic Church was another big success and our best attended to date. We had over 1200 attendees enjoy our home cooked Italian meals and baked goods. Music was again provided this year by The Mario Monaldi Band from Baltimore (a favorite of Italian Festivals throughout the Mid-Atlantic.)

As the many attendees wandered the hall, they bought Italian specialty foods and merchandise; participated in our large Silent and Chinese auctions; played some games of chance; and watched their children enjoy making Easter crafts. All in all it was a fun day and a very successful one for our charity and scholarship funds.

We have many individuals and local Maryland merchants to thank for their generosity in sponsoring our entertainment, auctions and taking ads in our program. These are the establishments that are the backbone of our community and we appreciate their support. It is a pleasure to acknowledge them and we encourage your readers to support them:

Our benefactors in Ocean City include A Perfect Face, ASPIRE Worldwide Summer Work Program, ASSE International Student Exchange Program, Bath and Body Works. Bayside Skillet, Billy’s Pizza & Subs, Buddhas & Beads, Bull on the Beach, Carraba’s Italian Grill, Crab Alley, Creative Compliments by Michelle, Creative Care Day Spa, Dunes Manor Hotel Victorian Restaurant, Fager’s Island Restaurant, Fox Sun & Surf Movies, General’s Kitchen, Gold Coast Mall, Harford General Insurance Agency, Hatland, Hooked Restaurant, Hooters Restaurant, Holiday Inn at 67th Street, Horn & Shell, Island View, Inc, Jules Fine Dining, Knights of Columbus Council, Assembly & Ladies Auxiliary, Ky West Restaurant, The Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc, Deborah Stanley Maphis, CPA. Maxim’s Nails & Spa, Mione’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant, Monkey’s Trunk, O.C. Fish Company, Ocean City Elks Lodge, Ocean City Florist, Ocean Nails, Old Pro Golf, Olde Tyme Barber Shop, R J Lock & Security, Rosenfeld’s Jewish Delicaatessen, Sello’s Italian Oven & Bar, St. Luke’s Gift Shop, The Greene Turtle, Three Brother’s Italian Restaurant, Trattoria Lombardi’s, Touch of Italy Trattoria, West-O Bottle Shop and Bar and Wockenfuss Candies.

Our benefactors in Berlin and Ocean Pines include Abi’s Diner,  A Bagel and….Inc, A Little Bit Sheepish, Casino at Ocean Downs, Crush n Crab, DeNovo’s Trattoria, Drummer’s Café @ The Atlantic Hotel, Food Lion, Glen Riddle Golf Course, Gold Craft Jewelry, Rayne’s Reef Luncheonette, Robin Walter Salon & Day Spa, Rum Point Golf Course, Ta Da, Taylor’s Neighborhood Restaurant, The Treasure Chest and World of Toys.

Our benefactors in Bishopville were Em-ings BBQ and Something Old & Something New Marketplace.

Each one of these merchants played a part in our Festival’s success through their sponsorships, gifts, donations and program ads. We sincerely thank them all and we hope that the 2016 season will be their best ever.

And a very special thanks to all of you who came and enjoyed the afternoon with us. We had fun putting it all together. We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did. See you next March.

Sal Castorina

(The writer is the festival chairman of the Ocean City Lodge of the Sons of Italy.)