Berlin Visitor’s Center Mural Installed

Berlin Visitor’s Center Mural Installed
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BERLIN- What was once a blank white canvas on the northern side of Berlin’s visitor center is now a vibrant display of color after a community mural was installed this week.

Merchants that make up the Berlin Arts and Entertainment Committee developed the concept of installing a mural on the side of the Visitor’s Center last fall after the town renewed its designation as an Arts and Entertainment District. On Wednesday afternoon, local artist John Donato was carefully cutting the panels to fit the space and installing them on the north side of the Visitor’s Center.

The Mayor and Council approved the concept for the mural last October when committee members pitched the idea. The committee pointed out there is an existing mural in Stephen Decatur Park, but a new mural on the Visitor’s Center in the heart of downtown would be more visible and encourage art appreciation.

The mural is a piece of community artwork, painted by the town’s residents with the help of Donato and his Fun Artistic Products with a Smile Impact. The mural was done on panels, which could be painted anywhere in the town and late hung on the wall of the Visitor’s Center. For example, the first panel, which was paid for with a private donation, was painted at Buckingham Elementary and later transported for installation in the downtown area, as were the other panels.

The committee’s concept was for the local artists, with Donato’s supervision, to work on the panels during the winter and install them in the spring. With warm temperatures and bright sunshine on Wednesday, Donato began installing the newest addition to Berlin’s growing art scene.