Guilty Of Purse Snatching

Guilty Of Purse Snatching
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OCEAN CITY — An Ocean City man arrested last July on robbery and assault charges after snatching a purse from a female at a farmer’s market before being caught and detained by quick-thinking witnesses was found guilty last week in Worcester County Circuit Court and was sentenced to eight years in jail.

Just before noon last July 25, a veteran OCPD officer was conducting a traffic stop on the corner of Coastal Highway and 142nd Street when he observed a group of individuals across the street frantically waving their arms to gain his attention. The group was in a gas station parking lot on 141st Street and when the officer responded to the area, he observed a white male, later identified as Jeffrey Colosimone, 40, of Ocean City, who lived nearby, being detained on the ground.

Several members of the group told the officer Colosimone had just stolen a purse from a woman at the nearby farmer’s market and they had given chase and eventually stopped the suspect until police arrived. The officer met with the female victim, who said she was at the farmer’s market and as she was approaching her vehicle, Colosimone allegedly emerged from a small patch of trees and began to push her on her left shoulder.

According to police reports, Colosimone continued the attack by violently grabbing her arm and purse, which was secured over her left shoulder. Colosimone was able to forcefully remove the purse and began to run south toward the Exxon station on the corner of 141st Street. The victim chased Colosimone as she screamed for help. Several individuals witnessed the attack and were able to chase down Colosimone and detain him.

The purse itself was valued at $75 and there was some cash, bank cards, identification cards and other personal property inside. The purse was returned to the victim, who was not injured and did not require medical attention.

Colosimone was arrested and charged with robbery, second-degree assault and theft. Last week in Worcester County Circuit Court, Colosimone was found guilty and was sentenced to eight years in jail. He was given credit for 166 days served in custody while awaiting trial.

Just Wanted A Ride Home

WEST OCEAN CITY — A Bishopville man was arrested on burglary, disorderly conduct and trespassing charges last weekend after making a scene first at a West Ocean City bank and later at a nearby convenience store.

A little before 10 p.m. last Friday, a Worcester County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the Calvin B. Taylor Bank branch in West Ocean City for a reported suspicious individual inside the bank. The deputy responded and observed a male suspect, later identified as Mark Bell, 52, of Bishopville, standing inside the ATM area of the bank. According to police reports, the deputy detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from Bell as he spoke. When the deputy asked Bell why he was standing inside the bank, Bell allegedly replied, “the devil had knocked him into a creek and he was cold.”

The deputy observed Bell’s two jackets lying on the floor inside the bank. When asked if he intended to use the ATM, Bell replied no. The deputy went inside and met with the complainant, an overnight cleaning person. In the officer’s presence, the cleaning person told Bell to leave the premises as he was trespassing. The officer watched as Bell walked toward Golf Course Road, but as the deputy drove around behind the bank, Bell allegedly slammed his hands down on the officer’s patrol vehicle, attempted to open the passenger side door and yelled at the officer to give him a ride, according to police reports.

The officer watched Bell as he walked toward the Royal Farms store on the opposite corner. While the deputy was watching him, Bell allegedly tried to open the back door of the adjacent tackle shop while pulling and kicking the door. The officer then observed Bell entering the convenience store. The officer stopped Bell and ordered him to leave the property, at which point Bell reportedly asked the officer why he wouldn’t just arrest him so he wouldn’t have to be cold and wet anymore that night. However, the officer told Bell he did not want to arrest him.

At that point, Bell grabbed the officer by the arm, but the officer told him that was not going to get him arrested. The officer observed Bell as he walked into the travel lanes on Route 50. At that point, the officer took Bell to the nearby Park and Ride so he would have a safe place to wait out the rain and bad weather.

Around 11:20 p.m., the officer was dispatched back the convenience store because Bell had returned. The officer met the store manager, who told police Bell yelled at everyone inside the store that someone needed to give him a ride home. According to police reports, Bell told everyone inside the store if nobody gave him a ride, he was going to stop every vehicle on Route 50 until someone did. At that point, Bell was arrested and charged with burglary, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

Jail Time For Knife Threat

SNOW HILL — A Salisbury man arrested in June after pulling a knife on another man at the Wal-Mart in Berlin during a dispute over a parking space was found guilty last week to second-degree assault and was sentenced to a year in jail.

Around 2:15 a.m. on June 16, Worcester County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the Wal-Mart in Berlin for a reported group of disorderly individuals. Upon arrival, deputies met with an individual who said he and his fiancé were involved in verbal argument with two other individuals over a parking spot.

The victim told police during the verbal altercation, a white male later identified as Steven Edward Behr, Jr., 28, of Salisbury, threatened him with a knife. After completing an investigation, Behr was placed under arrest and charged with first- and second-degree assault and reckless endangerment.

Last week, Behr was found guilty of second-degree assault and was sentenced to one year in jail. He was then given credit for 205 days spent in custody while awaiting trial.

Sign Thief Sentenced

SNOW HILL — A Berlin man arrested in August on theft and malicious destruction of property charges after attempting to dismantle a road sign under construction near Routes 50 and 113 pleaded guilty last week and was sentenced to 15 days in jail.

Around 6:15 p.m. last Aug. 6, a Worcester County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the area of southbound Route 113 at Route 50 to check on the welfare of an individual on a bicycle. Upon arrival, the deputy observed a male later identified as Keith Alexander, 39, of Berlin, standing near a large metal sign under construction on the side of the highway.

Upon closer inspection, the deputy observed Alexander was undoing the strapping holding the sign pole secure. Two tethers had already been undone and were on the ground. Alexander was working on the third tether when the deputy arrived and made contact with him. Alexander was also found with a reflector that had been broken off the guard rail in his pocket. Alexander was charged with theft under $100 and malicious destruction of property. Last week, Alexander pleaded guilty to the latter and was sentenced to 15 days in jail.