Adventures Of Fatherhood

Adventures Of Fatherhood
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Wrestling was never a sport I tried growing up, but I have an all-new appreciation for it now.

On a daily basis, I take my sons, ages 7 and 6 now, on in a wrestling match that usually morphs into jumps, kicks, jabs, tosses, shoves and a few minor injuries along the way.

Most of these sessions take place on the outdoor trampoline (I like the soft landing), but rainy days, which we have had a lot of lately, force us inside and this is a way to get their energy out. It doesn’t always come with their mother’s approval, however. That’s understandable.

Boys will be boys and I can’t say I enjoy being around them too long if they have not burned off some energy. I like to refer to getting them active and tiring them out as knocking the chip on their proverbial shoulders. Too much downtime combined with a full head of steam leads to trouble and usually results in raised voices and heightened anxiety.

After several wrestling sessions inside last Sunday, a rainy day, I garnered a new appreciation for the stamina it takes to wrestle. Although I clearly have the size and strength advantages over my sons, they have proven to be adept at partnering together and working a nice double team on me. I love listening to Beckett whisper (which he doesn’t really know how to do) to Carson about the plan of attack.

They focus on the legs and getting me down first and then they do all sorts of illegal maneuvers that usually result in pain for me. It can get so rough at times it’s hard for Pam to watch.

The other day one of their plans was a good one. Carson faked that he had to use the bathroom, leaving Beckett to take me on by himself. It was all a guise, as Carson stormed into the room and blindsided me. We all thought that was hilarious.

My only problem is I can only last a certain amount of time. While it’s definitely exhausting, I also know the longer we go the chances someone will get hurt spikes exponentially. Of course, the kids say it’s never enough time, but such is life with two wild and crazy boys.

I always get funny reactions from my kids when I sport a tie.

I only wear a tie about once a month and for some reason the boys always think it’s a bad thing.

Upon seeing me, Carson immediately started laughing and signing that I was crazy. That was probably because he had just seen me and then all of a sudden I emerged from upstairs that morning with a suit on. After signing that I was crazy five or six times, he then started motioning as if to say, “tada,” like I pulled off some sort of magic trick by my quick change.

Beckett launched into a number of questions immediately about my attire, saying he felt bad that I had to wear a tie all day.

“I hate to see you so uncomfortable with your top button, buttoned like that all day,” he said.

After I told him it’s not uncomfortable to me, he turned to Carson and told him he was right that I was crazy.

Long weekends off at home are a lot of fun, but I have no issue admitting that I was not sad dropping off the kids on Monday morning at school.

With Pam working Wednesday night, I started the long weekend off with a couple hours at Beach Bounce in West Ocean City. Like most kids their age, my boys consider this place heaven on earth. I get as much enjoyment out of it as they do. I love seeing them run and jump and wear themselves out. Plus, I like the basketball game in the corner.

We spent the next several days going to the beach and hours and hours outside taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Add in there a family Thanksgiving dinner, Holiday Arts Night in Berlin, decorating the house and some other activities and it was a full weekend.

By the time Sunday night rolled around, I was in desperate need of balance in my life and a little separation time was indeed necessary. I needed a break in a bad way.

I think Beckett and Carson felt it as well, as they were both ready for school that morning. We didn’t hear any moans about leaving the house early and getting back into the classroom.

In fact, after dropping Beckett off at his school and then taking Carson over to his school, I sat in my truck for a few minutes. I needed some downtime and it didn’t even matter that the Mr. Peabody and Sherman video was still playing in the backseat.

After a few minutes that seemed all too short, I drove to work in complete silence. It was precious.