Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Volunteers Key To Special Olympics event


On Nov. 1, 2015, Special Olympics Maryland hosted our annual State Soccer Championships, welcoming over 200 athletes from across the state competing in both traditional and unified soccer games, as well as an individual skills competition for our player development athletes. Our staff, athletes, coaches and families had the pleasure of working closely with over 60 Salisbury University students, who generously volunteered to support our athletes during the competition. In addition to the many individual students who took part in our competition, students also represented Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity, the Salisbury women’s lacrosse team, and the Athletic Training Club. The energy brought by these students was contagious, and I so appreciate their willingness and hard work, ensuring a successful day of competition.

Special Olympics Maryland enjoys a strong partnership with the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity. As Special Olympics is the designated national philanthropy, the members of Sigma Tau Gamma are very present for both philanthropic and volunteer opportunities—a relationship that we truly appreciate. This opportunity for Sigma Tau Gamma was organized by Aaron Wall. Members of Sigma Tau Gamma helped run and officiate our game fields. Serving as score keepers, lines officials, ball runners, and field managers, these student-athletes stayed attentive to the games and provided professional-level officiating and games logistics. Our lead officials and coaches commented on how well they worked together and how crucial they were to efficient and well-run games.

As a sports organization, there is no doubt that our events are made better by the presence of college athletes and trainers. Led by the team’s graduate assistant, Kara O’Rourke, members of the women’s lacrosse team served throughout the day in field support roles. They enthusiastically kept our fields organized and cheered for the athletes as they played. The Athletic Training Club, led by Salisbury faculty member Dr. Donna Ritenour and student Billy Rogers, provided medical coverage to keep our athletes safe.

As Special Olympics Maryland works to support over 7,000 athletes across the state, committed volunteers are crucial to the success of our many programs. As a former student affairs staff member and assistant dean of students, I truly value the opportunity to work with such high-quality students. Salisbury University is clearly empowering students to be engaged in genuine servant leadership; and the athletes, coaches, and staff of Special Olympics Maryland truly appreciate the university’s commitment to our programs.

Jeffrey Abel

(The writer is the Director of Volunteers for Special Olympics Maryland.)

New Motel To Help FI


The current condition of the Sands Motel is deplorable and is not contributing to the overall image of our town. Over the past years, the previous owners did little to no maintenance which has resulted in today’s deplorable state. The new Sands will be an asset to the image of the town and increase the tax base.

The residents of FI should not allow a small yet vocal clique motivated by self-interest to dictate to the larger population. Elections have consequences. The residents overwhelmingly returned the incumbents to the town commission and the one member of the Fenwick Four that was newly elected barely eked out a win, I suspect due to the fact that it was an open position and the “four” were competing against each other. The town commissioners should support the redevelopment of this eyesore.

I had submitted comments to the “Fenwick Forum” website in support of the redevelopment but the moderator rejected the comments. That, in my view reflects poorly on the objectivity of the “Fenwick Forum.” It seems as if your input does not fit into the preordained narrative of the “Forum” then your input will be censored.

Jim Simpson

Fenwick Island