Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Feeling Unappreciated


I have been coming to Ocean City now for about 30 years, and after 30 years of absolutely enjoying your resort town, I’m insulted.

I come to your fabulous town about six times a year. Two of them are for the classic car weekends, which for me are always Thursday through Sunday, often through Monday.

Back in June, it was printed as I am a “wannabe.” Now this month, I`m referred to as a “hangers-on.” Well, let’s get the record straight. No, I do not “register” for either car show. My wife and I come down in our classic car, which I feel is not of your show quality. For I mean, my car will never win a prize, trophy, etc. at your events, for I have seen the quality of cars in your shows, which i pay to see.

Spending roughly $400 to $500 for my motel room, breakfast at Dough Roller ($30), afternoon snacks at Fish Tales or M.R. Ducks ($50), dinner at the Bonfire ($80), countless $20 bills spent (gambled) on Keno, for your state, or dinner at Ruth`s Chris Steak House, now that`s just one day.

I come for the love of classic cars, the friends I have made, which I see twice a year at our motel, and the comradery we have when my wife and I drive to our locations. The friendship that is between the classic car owners is overwhelming, nodding, waving, thumbs-up, etc.

Now, let`s talk about the hundreds of dollars I spend/spent at the Tanger Ooutlets in West O.C. I`m glad our car has a rear seat, or I`d spend more money for a roof rack to get the stuff [usually Christmas gifts] home. I go to the store to buy a case of beer and food for my friends who own a condo in Ocean City.

So, now the city would like to charge the trailers “if they are not registered” in your show. That’s unreal. I wonder how many “unregistered” trailers are spending the money I do and being called names? Oh well.

David Keim

Bethlehem, Pa.