Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

An Inspiring Event


I wanted to share a wonderful event and experience I had this past weekend that I believe deserves more recognition than this letter, let alone the event received could possibly offer.

Last Saturday, the Maryland Chapter of the Concerns of Police Survivors, or C.O.P.S. Organization held its annual retreat in Ocean City, at The Grand Hotel. This organization is dedicated to providing “peer support to law enforcement survivors by forming bereavement/growth groups where survivors can offer and receive emotional support, to aid survivors in understanding the judicial process, and to provide information about appropriate services which may exist within the local community,” according to its website at http://mdcops.org/). Some of the programs offered include National Police Survivors’ Seminars held each May during National Police Week, scholarships, peer support, counseling programs and more.

On Saturday, at 21st Street and the Boardwalk, a memorial was held for the families of these fallen heroes, complete with OCPD’s Color Guard, and K-9 representation, a MSP fly over and Coast Guard boat escort. The ceremony was heart-wrenching, and it was so nice to see so many departments representation present. Immediately following was a catered group luncheon for the families to sit and eat together and catch up, and upon the luncheon’s conclusion the children of these officers’ families were lined up and taken by volunteers to the bowling alley for a bowling party and ice cream after.

This was a chance for these children to bond, to have fun and to have the chance to have some of their stressors alleviated, even if only for a few short hours. Dumsers on 49th Street was kind enough to welcome us all (all 40-plus of us) to sit down and indulge in some chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla scoops and afterwards we retreated to the kids room back at The Grand where there were toys, games and candy waiting for them.

This event was probably the most meaningful event I have attended thus far, and the bravery of these kids is unparalleled. In a time where police are targeted, and often times not trusted, it was relieving to see such support and hospitality on the part of the town, The Grand, the bowling alley, Dumsers, and all other volunteers, and participants involved. I strongly recommend this event to anyone interested in getting involved for the future and urge the town to send more representatives next year to attend the memorial, to volunteer, and to donate to their cause.

Frankie Knight

Ocean City

Solar Support Needed


Anyone tuned into CNN last Tuesday night heard the five Democratic presidential hopefuls talk a lot about climate change. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said climate change is the greatest threat to our national security. Former Governor Martin O’Malley talked about a much-needed “green energy revolution” and a 100 percent clean energy electric grid.

What the candidates didn’t mention is that a national network of utility interest groups and fossil fuel industry-funded think tanks is providing funding, model legislation and political cover for anti-solar campaigns across the country, at the expense of would-be solar customers.

According to a new report by Environment Maryland Research & Policy Center, Blocking the Sun, trade groups like the Edison Electric Institute have been working hand in hand with groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council and some major utilities to repeal renewable electricity standards and back anti-solar candidates in states across the country.

To ensure solar energy continues to grow in Maryland – where the renewable source has nearly doubled since 2012 – we need our leaders like Governor Hogan to resist these shady tactics. By extending the 30 percent tax credit for solar energy at the federal level and increasing Maryland’s renewable energy standard, our political leaders can set us on the path for a bright future powered by solar energy.

David Beavers


(The writer is a campaign organizer with Environment Maryland.)