Sunfest Kite Festival’s 38th Annual Event Underway In OC

Sunfest Kite Festival’s 38th Annual Event Underway In OC
Sunfest Kite

OCEAN CITY — See the skyline of Ocean City explode with color at this weekend’s Sunfest Kite Festival, Sept. 25-27 on the famous downtown Boardwalk.

Celebrating its 38th year, this world-class event is recognized as one of the top 100 most popular venues on the planet, according to event organizers.

All are welcome to witness and participate in general kite flying, kite flying games, Bol races, candy drops, sport kite demos, or just plain kite spectating. All of the activities are free.

Of the many activities planned over the course of the four-day kite festival, is “Dragonfest” which will pack Ocean City’s famous Boardwalk with spectators. Several colossal Dragon Kites of various colors will torment the Ocean City skies. The kites are made in the Netherlands by Rolokite.

This year the event will be hosting a “Kids Kite Fly.” At 1 p.m. on Saturday, free kites will be handed out to the first 75 kids who show up. Only kids between the ages of 5 to 12 are eligible for the free kite. Staff will help them assemble and launch the kite right on the beach at 5th Street. All local families and visitors alike are encouraged to come to The Kite Loft at around 12:30 to get started.

Also featured will be a Giant Kite Air Extravaganza, organized and put on by regional flyers. One of the giant kites showcased this year will be the flight of Whisper the winged horse. It’s guaranteed to be a huge hit. Of course, Mel, the 100-foot Giant Blue Whale, will be swimming the Ocean City skies once again. Both kites will be flown by Jeff and Joyce King of Annapolis along with many other giant kites.

In addition, there will be quad line demos throughout the festival. Quad kites are four line kites flown in formation, much like the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. Several times during the festival as many as 16 quad flyers will be standing side by side, flying to music, all in perfect formation.

Mike Van Meers, from Gaithersburg, Md., festival coordinator, will be directing all activities on the beach so get ready to have tons of fun.

This is a don’t miss event for young and old alike. Bring your kite, camera and beach blanket, pray for wind, and have a spectacular time.