Berlin Summer Sidewalk Sale Next Week

BERLIN – As the Berlin Summer Sidewalk Sale approaches, downtown businesses continue to sign up for the event.

In spite of a slow start, as just four shops committed to participating when the event was first proposed, that number has doubled.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if some others participated as well,” said Ivy Wells, the town’s economic development director, this week.

The Berlin Summer Sidewalk Sale will take place Friday, Aug. 14 through Sunday, Aug. 16. Businesses taking part will be able to set up tables on the sidewalks downtown to share their wares with passersby. While most will set up tables in front of their own shops, some, such as Inca Ruins, will set up along Main Street for more visibility. Commerce Street will be closed to vehicle traffic on Saturday to provide additional space for the event.

“The town is being very accommodating toward businesses,” Wells said. “We want to make sure all businesses are invited and can use the sidewalk.”

She expects the fact that the sidewalk sale will coincide with the town’s Second Friday Art Stroll and the town’s Mr. and Miss Peach pageant to boost attendance.

Businesses that have committed to participating in the event so far include Victorian Charm, the Atlantic Hotel, Town Center Antiques, World of Toys, the Globe, Inca Ruins and the Maryland Wine Bar.

Victorian Charm is advertising discounts of at least 50 percent on handbags and clothing, among other items. The Atlantic Hotel will be using the event to sell some extra furniture. The hotel will be offering for sale 25 mission-style chandeliers, a number of brass beds and a variety of nostalgic items from the hotel’s lengthy past in Berlin.

“We thought people might like to own a little piece of Atlantic Hotel history,” said the hotel’s Laura Stearns. “We decided the sidewalk sale would be the perfect time to put out the items.”

Wells, who has taken over organization of the sidewalk sale, says the event continues to gain momentum. She says downtown merchants, some of whom wanted the event to occur and some of whom didn’t, have compromised. The sale will take place as it has for more than 60 years but the town will also host a fall sidewalk sale during Octoberfest. Wells expects many of the town’s businesses to participate in that event.