35th Small Boat Tourney In The Books

35th Small Boat Tourney In The Books
pole cat 35th small boat

OCEAN CITY- The Ocean City Marlin Club’s 35th Annual Small Boat Tournament was once again a big success with plenty of action both inshore and offshore.

Dozens of boats participated in the club’s 35th Small Boat tournament, which provides an opportunity for some of the smaller vessels in the resort’s sportfishing fleet to compete before the bigger Ocean City Tuna Tournament and the White Marlin Open arrive on the calendar. As its name implies, the tournament is open to boats with a length of 34 feet or under.

In the offshore portion of the tournament, the “Four Eights” won the billfish release division with 200, points, while the “Family Tree” and the “Tide Up” each finished with 100 points, the crew on the “Family Tree” took home the division’s top cash prize of $2,700 because of an earlier catch and release time and added entry levels.

In the Dolphin Division, the “Tide Up” took first with a 19.4 pounder and earned $4,612. The crew on the “Canyon Hunter” was second with an 18.6 pounder and earned $985, while the “Ridin Thirty” took third with an 18.2 pounder worth $261. The “Natiboht” was fourth in the division and earned $396. In the Tuna Division, the crew on the “Polecat” took first with a 59.4 pounder worth $4,941, while the “A Salt Weapon” was second with a 43 pounder worth $1,314.

In the inshore portion of the tournament, the “Seacraft 23” took first place in the flounder division with a five-pounder and won the Dale Brown Award and $500. The “Oasis” was second in the flounder division, while the “Seacraft 23” took third. The “Strickler Sea Hunt” earned $135, the “Jezebel” won $636, the “Slaughterhouse” won $150 and the “Reel Loco” won $54.

In the sea bass division, it was the “Lisa” taking first place with a 4.6 pounder worth $690. The “Slaughterhouse” was second and earned $171, while the “Lisa” took third and earned $114. In the tog division, the “Myra HT” took first and won $162, while the “Jezebel” was second and earned $813. In the bluefish division, the “Ready or Knot” took first and earned $405.