Brewz Krooz Providing Unique Educational Journeys

Brewz Krooz Providing Unique Educational Journeys

OCEAN CITY – A new venture has been launched that allows residents and visitors to “krooz for local brewz” while learning the history of the Eastern Shore.

Eastern Shore Brewz Krooz is an educational journey to a few of the local craft breweries. Participants will be able to sample the finest craft brews the area has to offer and enjoy a behind the scene production tour at one of these craft breweries. A brewmaster will walk through the brewing process from hops to bottling. In addition to tasting brews, participants will see some great local views and learn of the Eastern Shore’s history.

Brewz Krooz President E. Richard Pennington was picking crabs and drinking beer one day when the idea came to him. He filled his sister, Kathy Davis, and brother-in-law, John Davis, in that he had been contemplating the idea of buying a bus and touring local breweries. With a list of craft breweries appearing on the shore, combined with the family’s knowledge of the area and hospitality business, the timing seemed perfect.

“I liked the idea right away and started doing some research and found out there are a couple of places doing this mainly on the west coast … San Diego I ended up doing the most research on because they had already had wine tasting tours. I got some ideas and started talking to some people out there. They were a lot of help,” John Davis said. “I went back to Richard and said, ‘Hey, this is working in other places. It is great idea’, so he said, ‘Let’s do it’.”

According to Kathy Davis, they spent a year nailing down the legalities of the business before kicking it off.

“We are collecting trivia of the Eastern Shore … we are trying to focus on an educational tour where they can learn about the Eastern Shore and the local history, along with some humor and education on the brewing process,” she said.

The standard tour includes visits to three local breweries, a fully guided tour of one select brewery and four to six, four-ounce samples at each brewery. Additionally, the company’s van is equipped with coolers for growlers and six-packs to take home, complimentary gifts, snacks and an on-board tour guide.

The idea is to create a relaxed and educational environment – as opposed to an all-day party bus. In addition to abundant information regarding the breweries involved and their craft drinks, the ride will provide fun and simple trivia facts dealing with the brewing process and beer itself.

So far participating breweries include OC Brewing Company, Backshore Brewing, Assawoman Bay Brewing, Burley Oak Brewing, Rubber Soul Brewing Company, Tall Tales Brewing Company, Evolution Craft Brewing, 3rd Wave Brewing Company, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, 16 Mile Brewery, with more breweries to come soon.

Brewz Krooz offers varieties of brewery tours that cover the different regions of the Eastern Shore and the breweries located there. The venture is working with Ann McGinnis Hillyer of, who conducts shore craft beer challenges, such as challenging participants to visit nine of the local craft breweries.

Other alternatives from the traditional Brewz Krooz ventures include historical tours of Berlin and Ocean City, museum tours and eco-tours to various locations in the area such as Assateague or Pocomoke National Forest.

On top if it all, Brewz Krooz offers the Delmarva Shorebirds Package where for only $24.95 per person you get picked up and dropped off at the stadium, one general admission ticket, a meal, snacks while onboard and a Shorebirds souvenir.

For more information or to book a Brewz Krooz call 443-783-6949 or visit their website at, their Facebook page at, or email at [email protected].