‘Music Rocks Autism’ Event Planned In West Ocean City

WHALEYVILLE — Linda Cain Productions will present “Music Rocks Autism” to raise awareness about, understanding of and money for autism research and treatment from noon to close on Saturday, June 6 at the Trader Lee’s OC House of Rock on Route 611.

Cain is a mother who wants to change the way her autistic son views the world.

“My little boy, Jacob, is autistic. Being single parent, I spend all my time with him. He has a great reaction to music, it makes him smile. The founding of Music Rocks Autism came about when he wrote me a note asking if he was invisible. He asked after a bus ride home from Kennedy Kreiger because people were looking away,” she said. “I wanted to change that. So, I started doing Music Rocks Autism to include autistic musicians and autistic families. Now, many families come to the events regularly. They dance and they are among everyone and, instead of looking away, we look toward them, extend our hands, and we all dance and smile.”

The Kennedy Kreiger Institute operates the Center for Autism and Related Disorders. Cain’s mission is to travel around the country and make known autism and those affected by it shouldn’t be shunned.

“My mission is to spread acceptance and awareness and, so far, it has been welcomed and we’re able to continue working so that my son Jacob, and others like him are given a voice through music,” she said.

Bands set to perform at the recently renovated and improved Trader Lee’s OC House of Rock are Atripstik, Dust n Bones, Left Hand Luck, Raise the Jar, Clean Getaway, Follow The Way, The Breakers, Silence No More, The Runner-Ups, OC Witches Brew and MRA Jam.

Admission to the event is a $10 donation.