Hit-and-Runs Lead To Arrest

Hit-and-Runs Lead To Arrest
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OCEAN CITY — A Rockville man was arrested on numerous charges last week after hitting a motorcycle in the area of 49th Street and running as many as 10 red lights before finally getting stopped in the area of 8th Street and Philadelphia Ave.

Around 12:40 a.m. last Sunday, an OCPD officer on patrol in the area of 8th Street was flagged down by two motorcyclists who pointed to a van traveling in the bus lane without its lights on. The officer followed the van as it drifted between lanes for about a half a block. The officer activated its lights but the van failed to stop immediately and was finally pulled over around 6th Street.

The officer approached the van and its driver, identified as Jose Samayoa, 27, of Rockville. The officer knocked on the window, but Samayoa continued to look straight ahead. Finally, Samayoa turned to look in the officer’s direction and appeared to look straight through the officer, according to police reports. Samayoa was asked to produce his registration and license, and while he took a few moments to hand over the registration, he did not have a license. Instead, he produced a passport, but put that back in his pocket instead of handing it over to the officer.

Meanwhile, the two motorcyclists arrived on the scene and told the officer Samayoa was involved in a hit-and-run collision at 49th Street. The motorcyclists said they were traveling in the bus lane getting ready to make a right turn when Samayoa’s van unexpectedly entered their lane of travel and struck one of the bikes from behind. Samayoa failed to stop and ran the red light before heading south on Coastal Highway.

After ensuring the motorcycle rider was okay and his bike was still operational, the two bikers continued to follow Samayoa as he continued south. The motorcyclists said Samayoa ran at least 8 to 10 red lights, weaved in and out of traffic, steered close to several pedestrians and slammed on the brakes on different occasions.

The motorcyclists followed Samayoa until they flagged down the officer at 8th Street. The motorcycle was inspected and was found to have a broken-off license plate, a cracked rear fender, scratches and tire damage. An inspection of the van revealed damage consistent with the damage to the motorcycle. At that point, Samayoa was placed under arrest for driving while impaired and hit-and-run. According to police reports, Samayoa was combative, hostile and uncooperative during the entire booking process.

Another officer arrived on the scene and advised Samayoa was involved in a separate hit-and-run collision about 20 minutes prior. During an interview, Samayoa admitted driving on a suspended license and that he knew he shouldn’t have been driving, but failed to provide any more information about the two hit-and-run collisions.

Drug, Weapon Arrest

OCEAN CITY — A Washington, D.C. man was arrested on drug and weapons charges last week after a routine traffic stop in north Ocean City.

Around 12:40 a.m. last Sunday, an OCPD officer on patrol in the area of 118th Street observed a vehicle traveling in the turn lane, which failed to make a left turn. The officer pulled over the vehicle and noticed the strong odor of marijuana. The driver was identified as Ronald Baez, 21, and there was a female juvenile in the front seat and a male juvenile in the back seat.

While standing next to the vehicle, the officer noticed a metal scale in the back seat next to the juvenile male. The occupants were asked to exit the vehicle and police observed the juvenile female grab a Baggie of what appeared to be marijuana. She was instructed to place the Baggie back in the vehicle and complied.

During a search of the vehicle, the officer located a red backpack. Inside the backpack was a silver handgun, which appeared to have been tampered with. According to police reports, an apparent attempt had been made to file down the weapon’s serial number. Baez told the officers everything discovered in the vehicle belonged to him. Inside the backpack was also discovered 12 smaller Baggies of marijuana.

According to police reports, Baez deflected any questions about his potential dealing of the marijuana. In his wallet was nearly $800 in cash. A separate interview was conducted with the juvenile female. She told police she knew the gun and drugs were in the vehicle, but denied any involvement in dealing. When asked if the occupants were dealing marijuana to provide for their child, the juvenile female nodded up and down to imply yes, according to police reports. Baez was then arrested for possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Motorcycle Gang Arrest

OCEAN CITY — A Glen Burnie man was arrested on multiple charges last week after allegedly blocking police from stopping another member of his motorcycle gang after a chase through downtown Ocean City.

Around 10:30 p.m. last Saturday, an OCPD officer observed a group of motorcyclists with the “Wheels of Soul” motorcycle gang patches on their jackets riding in the area of 85th Street and Coastal Highway. One of the motorcycles had a vertical registration plate. The officer observed an axe handle sticking out of the saddle bag on one of the motorcycles and observed a sheath for a fixed blade knife under the jacket of the rider with the vertical registration.

The officer turned on emergency lights in an attempt to pull over the motorcycle with the vertical registration. The group of motorcycles continued south and failed to stop, changing positions as the traveled. The motorcycle with the vertical registration turned on to 72nd Street and entered an alley behind a store. Another motorcycle followed, and as the officer attempted to turn into the alley, the second motorcycle blocked his way, allowing the first motorcycle to get away.

The OCPD officer continued to follow the second motorcycle with lights and sirens activated, but the motorcycle refused to stop. The officer broadcast a description of the group of motorcycles, which were now weaving in and out of traffic and making numerous turns to avoid police. At one point, the group ran a red light at 62nd Street.

Finally, the group was stopped at Sparrow Lane and Bayshore Drive. The driver of the motorcycle that had blocked the officer’s attempt to make a stop in the alley at 72nd Street was identified as Kerwin McLendon, 34, of Glen Burnie. A search of McLendon revealed a fixed blade knife under the rider’s jacket and a set of brass knuckles in a jacket pocket. McLendon was arrested and charged with carrying concealed deadly weapons and intentionally interfering with an arrest.

Jail For DUI, Weapons

OCEAN CITY — A Baltimore man, arrested in April on driving while impaired and weapons charges, pleaded guilty this week in District Court and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Around 1:20 a.m. on April 1, an OCPD officer was on patrol in the area of 128th Street and Assawoman Drive and observed a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction fail to stop at a stop sign. As the vehicle passed, the officer noticed the driver, later identified as Michael Sciandra, 52, of Baltimore, was not wearing a seatbelt. Sciandra was asked to step out of the vehicle for field sobriety tests, which he did not pass to the officer’s satisfaction. At that point, Sciandra was arrested for driving while impaired.

Meanwhile, another OCPD officer arrived to assist and observed a wooden club with a spider web, a skull and a swastika engraved on it on the front passenger floorboard leaning against the gear shift for east access to the driver. A search of the vehicle also turned up a conductive electronic weapon in the shape of knuckles with “zap” written on it, a 16-inch fixed-blade knife in a sheath and pepper spray. Sciandra was also charged with carrying and possessing concealed deadly weapons.

In District Court on Monday, Sciandra pleaded guilty to driving while impaired and was sentenced to 30 days and fined $500. He also pleaded guilty to possession of an electronic weapon and was fined an additional $100.