Berlin Outlines Five Goals In First Strategic Plan

BERLIN – A few months after beginning the process, Berlin officials voted unanimously to adopt the town’s first strategic plan.

On Monday, town leaders approved the 2016-2018 Berlin Strategic Plan. The document, developed with the help of a consultant after several public input meetings, identifies the town’s top five priorities for the next three years.

“Having never done anything like that before, it was a very rewarding experience,” Mayor Gee Williams said. “It was nice to have the public’s guidance.”
The town’s goals, as stated in the document, are the following.

  1. Increase parks and recreation facilities. The primary action associated with reaching this goal is making a decision on whether or not to purchase the Tyson property by September 2015. An appraisal of the property and an environmental assessment of it are already underway. Aside from the focus on the potential land purchase, officials also want to work with the parks commission to develop more recreation plans and to work with the county to expand the “Just Walk” program. The strategic plan also identifies creating a fitness program in Stephen Decatur Park.
  2. Preserve Berlin’s traditions, quality of life and “wow” factor while prospering and changing. This goal is meant to address the town’s parking challenges and increase mobility options for seniors. It also includes the adoption of architectural standards to guide developers interested in building in Berlin.
  3. Enhance and maintain public safety services. Town leaders want to ensure that public safety remains a priority in Berlin. The strategic plan outlines the town’s plan to establish a funding formula for EMS, begin work on a new police station and to anticipate town growth to plan for future public safety needs.
  4. Invest in public buildings, roads, sidewalks and water and sewer pipes to ensure they all function well and meet state and federal regulations. Between 2016 and 2018, town leaders want to continue efforts to reduce flooding in town and proceed with infrastructure improvements. Other goals include implementing smart metering for the town’s water and electric customers and providing more regular communication to residents regarding infrastructure improvements.
  5. Promote economic development and increase employment opportunities. Key actions staff will focus on working to fill the town’s vacant properties and making business associated forms available electronically on the town’s website.

The strategic plan will be mailed to everyone who attended the town’s strategic planning sessions and will be available on