Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Correct Decision On Wind Turbine


As a passionate, appreciative and caring friend of Ocean City, I respectfully disagree with Editor Steven Green’s opinion of the decision on the OC wind turbine. He called the decision “disappointing,” a “shame” and a “poor result.” The only term he used that I agree with is “surprising.”

I am surprised that the correct decision was made. The surprise comes not from thinking that the council was incapable of making a good call, but that the council was strong enough not to be railroaded into the popular thinking that energy savings should be the new God that we worship.

Here is an example of what I am saying. In gated communities, an outdoor clothesline is almost never permitted, even though it clearly saves energy. Gas and electric dryers use large amounts of energy when you consider how often, (even several times daily in one home), that they are used. The clotheslines are not allowed because they decrease the aesthetic value of the community.

Besides the industrially harsh look of the windmills is the noise produced by them. If people chose to run a 40kw, 40,000-watt generator, as seen on you tube, which, once electrically started, goes on to run off its own self-generated electricity, imagine the noise pollution that would follow, all in the name of saving energy.

Mayor Rick Meehan’s words didn’t sound “harsh” to me. They sounded intelligent. “… you might as well get rid of the ordinance. I don’t want to put somebody through this again.” I agree with that. Ocean City is a beautiful resort town which brings in important revenue based on that fact. If the aesthetic value is compromised and it begins to look like a science project, will the city still draw the 8,000,000 visitors annually which it currently does?

So good for the “new council members” Tony Deluca and Wayne Hartman for showing up when other council members didn’t, and for boldly casting a vote that was well thought out, although not well received by their peers. And I wish Jim Motsko did not have to go through all that he did over these past years. I think the mayor’s advice to get rid of the ordinance will prevent a recurrence.

Roberta A. Corey

After Prom Party Support Needed


Stephen Decatur High School will host the After Prom party again this year on May 9 from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. This special event provides an alcohol- and drug-free environment so that our seniors and juniors spend the time after their prom with friends in a safe and fun celebration.

According to the US Dept. of Transportation, on a typical prom weekend, 48 American teenagers are killed, 5,202 are injured and 40% of the deaths are alcohol related. This event is open to any student that attends prom and is a free event that is not funded by the High School or the Board of Education. We are a group of parents that rely solely on volunteers and donations to host greater than 65% of the students that go to the prom at our late night event.

We are hoping that we can receive your support as the cost for this event is around $25,000.

Our donations for this year are not what they have been in years past so we are asking the community to consider stepping up to support this worthwhile event. Your donation helps provide entertainment, games, prizes and food for the evening. We need monetary donations to offset the costs of the games, activities and grand prizes that we purchase. We need donations of prizes (pedicures, golf rounds, oil changes, haircuts, surfboards, T-shirts, hoodies, bikes, gift cards, hats, jewelry, beach chairs, etc) that would be appropriate for teens and young adults headed off to college and the working world.

We need food donations (man, can these kids eat) for our all night buffet of food, so if you own a restaurant or food supply business we welcome your donation.  We also need volunteers. Call Gabby 443-944-6715 and she will give you more information on how you can help.

In Berlin and Ocean City, the Prom is held on Mother’s Day weekend because Prom is held at the OC Convention Center and we help over 400 kids stay safe and offer them an option that will help 400 moms have a great Mother’s Day when their teen comes home safe and sound. Please know that your contribution is greatly appreciated and your kindness will be publicly recognized through our Facebook page and the August issue of the SDHS newsletter as well as a display board at our event.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] or call at 443-848-2397. Thank you in advance for your consideration to our heartfelt request.

The After Prom Committee

Room Tax Increase Will Solve Injustice


The current Ocean City Room Tax is 4.5%, the last time it was raised was at least eight years ago. It was 4% at that time.

Prior to that it was raised another .5%, at least another eight years before the last increase. So, in the last 16 or more years, the Room Tax has been raised a total 1% to the current 4.5%.

Surveying East Coast and Florida resorts, room taxes are in the, 9, 10, 11% range. The low room tax in Ocean City is a gross inequity and is the reason the Ocean City government continues to gouge the property owners with fee increases and reduced services.

In closing, I will let you decide why this injustice exists. I just know that those who put the biggest demand on services are not paying their fair share, not even close to what they should be paying.

Bob Richardson

Ocean City

Parents Should Reject New Tests


I asked the Worcester County Public School Administration the following question: Will the PARCC assessment results (grade) be used in the student final grade? If so, what percent of student’s final grade will be made up of PARCC results? Their response: No, PARCC assessment results are not used in the calculation of a student’s coursework grade. It is an accountability measure for teachers, principals, schools, and the school system, but not the student.

If PARCC tests are to have no bearing on your child’s final grade or performance, why are we spending months teaching to a test that does nothing more than collect data to fire teachers and shut down schools?

The data is useless to the student. The test results won’t even be back until December 2015, long after your child has moved to the next grade. Why are we putting undue stress and anxiety on our children?

Statewide, taxpayers are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade technology and to pay for the

costs of administering the PARCC tests. As large of a concern is the student level data being collected on your children that PARCC is required to share with the US Department of Education as part of their agreement for federal funding.

School boards may try to manipulate you through fear and intimidation to participate in the assessments. Their agenda is to get a certain percentage of students to take the test in order to qualify for federal funding. You and your children have the right to refuse the PARCC assessments.

There is no Maryland or federal law stating that your child must participate in these tests. Ask them to show you the law.

Francis Gebhart