Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Positive Shelter Change


I am writing to share my joy about the Worcester County Humane Society. As an employee who has been at the shelter for four years, I have seen such a positive change in the past year, for the animals and the employees. We now have a team that works well together. New ideas are abundant and all are considered. We have a leader who cares not only about the animals and finding them good homes, but cares about the people who spend hours a day looking out for those animals.

We work together, care about one another, share both triumphs and setbacks. We are growing in our effectiveness and learning from our mistakes.

We do not have a perfect situation. The building is old. With some new ideas and changes, it looks better, smells better, and laundry is manageable. Sometimes we have community service workers who complete their hours and stay on. The atmosphere is positive.

We are beginning our second year with a new director. If she can accomplish as much this coming year as she did the first year, the animals will be blessed.  We have managed more adoptions than ever before. Fundraisers have been more successful than in the past. In the past year we have added PETCO, OC Pet Spa, and VCA to help with cat adoptions.

The only way to continue the upswing is if we work together for the benefit of the animals. It is a team effort; egos cannot get involved.

JeriLyn Holston Andrews