Man Charged For Driving On Drugs Twice In Same Day

OCEAN CITY — An Ocean Pines man was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs twice Wednesday after first causing an accident in downtown Ocean City and later returning to his vehicle after being advised not to do so.

Around 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, an Ocean City police officer was dispatched to the area of 8th Street and Philadelphia Ave. for a reported motor vehicle collision. Upon arrival, the officer observed two vehicles, one of which had damage to the rear bumper. The officer met with the driver of the vehicle that had rear-ended the other car, later identified as David Robert Windsor, 21, of Ocean Pines.

When the officer asked Windsor for his license and registration, the suspect reportedly fumbled around with the documents and dropped them on the roadway. When the officer asked Windsor to get out of his vehicle, the suspect’s balance was poor and he swayed from side to side. The officer asked Windsor if he had been drinking that day or the night before, to which Windsor replied no.

When asked where he was coming from, Windsor told the officer he had been to a methadone clinic in Delaware where he received a dose of 110 milligrams per day ostensibly for treatment of heroin addiction. The officer performed a few roadside tests on Windsor including the eye-pen test and a simple counting test, during which the suspect became agitated.

According to police reports, Windsor at different times raised his voice and cursed the officer and then was suddenly quiet and contrite. It was a pattern that continued throughout the process, according to police reports. Windsor was ultimately taken into custody and transported to the Public Safety Building on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs.

At the Public Safety Building, the same pattern continued with Windsor at times angry and asking to see a supervisor and then suddenly apologetic and polite. After being seen by an OCPD drug recognition expert, Windsor was ultimately charged with driving under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance. He was taken before a District Court Commissioner and was later released with the caveat he was not to drive again within 12 hours of his arrest.

Several hours later, at around 6:25 p.m. on Wednesday, another OCPD observed Windsor in the lobby of the Public Safety Building shortly after he had been released. Windsor was reportedly agitated and bounced back and forth between being angry and happy before walking out of police headquarters.

A short time later, the same officer was on patrol when he saw Windsor’s car on 8th Street with the emergency flashers on, which had been left on at his request following the first incident earlier on Wednesday. The officer observed Windsor enter the vehicle and attempt to start it, but it did not start because the battery had died. Windsor then got out of the vehicle and flagged down another vehicle, the occupants of which then helped him jumpstart the car. Windsor then drove down St. Louis Ave. reportedly swerving in and out of his lane before the officer pulled him over.

Windsor allegedly told the officer he was merely trying to get to a gas station so he could get home. When told him he was not supposed to drive for 12 hours after his initial arrest, Windsor reportedly became agitated with himself and told the officer he might have forgotten the part of his post-arrest instructions. Windsor was again taken into custody and transported to police headquarters for the second time in about nine hours.

According to police reports, he became angry during the trip and believed the officer was the same one who had arrested hours earlier. He was ultimately charged again with driving under the influence of drugs.