Garden Club Volunteers Gather For Holiday Decorating

Garden Club Volunteers Gather For Holiday Decorating

BERLIN – A holiday tradition continued this week as members of the Ocean Pines Garden Club gathered to “Decorate the Pines.”

As they have for decades, members of the garden club met at the Ocean Pines Community Center to put together dozens of wreaths and swags to adorn key spots throughout the community.

“Everybody contributes,” said Daryl Carpenter, chair of the garden club’s decorating committee. “It’s a lot of fun.”

In little more than an hour Monday morning, Carpenter and close to 40 volunteers from the garden club had transformed the mountain of fresh greenery in the center of the Community Center’s gym into more than 60 decorative pieces.

Carpenter says many of the volunteers have been making wreathes for the community for years. Those new to the annual event prepared with a bow-making workshop last month and had plenty of guidance from their more experienced peers Monday.

“It’s a group experience,” Carpenter said. “Everybody takes part.”

Having decorated the community for more than 20 years, garden club volunteers know exactly how many wreathes and swags are needed and what sizes they should be for each particular sign or post. They even have a collection of artificial greenery for areas where that is more suitable.

Carpenter says the supplies are provided by the garden club, which raises the money throughout the year with its 50/50 raffles and the like. She said the annual Christmas project was in line with the club’s mission of enhancing the natural beauty of Ocean Pines and encouraging friendship within the community.

“This is one of our more fun projects,” Carpenter said.

Club member JoAnn Steward agreed.

“I love doing this,” she said. “It’s uplifting and it beautifies the community.”

When the garden club members have the decorations complete, fellow volunteers take them to designated locations — including the entrances to the Pines as well as entrances to communities within the Pines — to be hung.

Teresa Travatello, marketing director for the Ocean Pines Association, says the garden club’s decorating work is always appreciated.

“They do a spectacular job bringing volunteers together to make the Pines look festive while giving back to the community they love,” Travatello said. “They are very talented and creative and we could not be more grateful for the pride they take making the entire community look and feel like the holidays.”

In addition to wreath making, the Ocean Pines Garden Club hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including an Arbor Day ceremony as well as a garden tour.