Adventures Of Fatherhood

Adventures Of Fatherhood
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Ever since I brought down the storage bin with skeletons from the attic, there has been a lot of spooking going on.

Basically, something that started a couple weeks ago has continued through this week and it’s been fun for all of us.

Halloween is serious business in Berlin and particularly on my street. In advance of the big day, we (and by that I mean Pam) have been busy preparing. I don’t do much but I do bring down the decorations from the attic, including storage bins full of life-sized skeletons, bloodied body parts, costumes and other decorations.

Carson seems to really get a kick out of the Halloween gear, so prior to bedtime over the weekend I put a bloodied leg in between his mattress and box spring. It looked like there was a body in between with a bloodied stump hanging out of the bed. Carson was indeed spooked, but he loved it and laughed hard about it after getting over the brief scare and confirming we all had our appendages.

Beckett got into the act the other night by putting the foot under the covers on my side of the bed. I unsuspectingly came across later when I was turning in (and might have screamed a little). The next morning his first question was, “Did I get you?” When I said yes indeed, he made it clear there would be more spooking in the days to come and immediately went to plotting.

Before leaving for school and work with the boys, I left the bloodied leg behind where I knew Pam would see it. These sorts of things have been continuing all week.

One night Carson even obsessed on bringing a full skeleton into his bed with him. He tucked in under the covers and even gave him the better of the two pillows in the bed. When I gave Carson a kiss and hug goodnight, he insisted I give one to the boney one next to him, who at some point became adorned with a shirt and shorts along the way. When I asked how he became clothed, Carson signed that his skeleton friend was cold.

After a few days, it appeared Beckett was started to get a little rattled because the next thing we knew he was asking for company on routine restroom stops because worried what was lurking nearby.

That’s when we realized okay maybe things were getting a little out of control. That was until I checked in on Carson before bed on another night and found him snuggling with spare skeleton parts under the covers. I still have no idea how he got those in his bed.

When he woke up the next morning, he came down the steps dragging the parts behind him. He suddenly realized he left a skeleton head behind so he raced upstairs and they all then had breakfast together.

As the week went on, the thrill of it all seemed to wear off, at least for Beckett, who by Wednesday was not falling for tricks anymore. He was prepared for the random scary things under his covers, the body parts hidden in his clothes and other not so obvious spook attempts.

For instance, when I quietly slid what I thought was a scary looking skeleton hand through his door, while he and Pam read at bedtime, to turn out the light on them, Beckett said, “let it go Daddy, let it go.”

Something tells me that’s not the last time his parents will hear this expression.

Both boys are now sporting glasses.

Pam and I often joke about our kids and how expensive they are to maintain. I imagine all parents have similar talks at times in affectionate and funny ways.

For instance, Beckett expressed an interest in playing lacrosse when he was 5 years old. Lacrosse is an expensive sport and requires several pieces of equipment as well as a stick. About $200 later, he was ready for his first practice. About 15 minutes in, he was shedding his equipment and complaining about the gloves being too big and the helmet too hot. We suffered through that season but have not played since. Out of curiosity, I had him try on his equipment the other day. Of course, none of it fits well any longer, but the good news is the stick is still like new.

Furthermore, the fact Beckett’s adult teeth seem to be coming in perpendicular to each other has only confirmed what I have assumed. They will both need expensive orthodontic work at some point. In addition, the fact Carson now needs glasses only underscores our little running joke.

Beckett, 6, has been a spectacles wearer for about two years now and we are on our third pair of glasses, while Carson, who turns 5 next week, just started wearing glasses Tuesday.

While Beckett wears his at all times, Carson is to wear his only for near activities. Consequently, the constant taking on and off meanings further investment will eventually be required as damage is a certainty.

That concern was underscored the first evening he got his new glasses. On the way back from Salisbury, I was looking at him in the rear view mirror watch a video, wondering if it was helping. He was continuously taking them on and off.

All of a sudden, I realized he did not have them. When I asked him where they were, he pointed to the back of my truck where all the beach equipment is. That’s right, he tossed them.

I was seeing red dollar bills at that point.