Rudolf Seeks ‘Classic Statesman’ Role On City Council

Rudolf Seeks ‘Classic Statesman’ Role On City Council

OCEAN CITY – City Council candidate Christopher Rudolf is looking to apply his unique work experience to help push the city’s long-term goals to fruition.

Rudolf, 27, is one of eight candidates running for four available City Council seats in the 2014 municipal election on Nov. 4.

“I’m running for Ocean City Council because I love civic engagement. As a political science major, I have always been fascinated by all of the inner workings of the political process and the discourse associated with it. I enjoy hearing different points of view whether I agree or disagree. It is very healthy for democracy,” Rudolf said. “In addition, I bring a very unique set of work experience to the table and I want to use that knowledge and expertise to benefit the people of Ocean City in any way I can. I strongly believe running for Ocean City Council is the best avenue for me to do just that at this point in my life.”

Rudolf has lived in Ocean City since June of 2005, working at Montego Bay True Value Hardware until 2010 while he attended college. In 2010, he also worked on Carousel Group Managing Partner Michael James’ State Senate Campaign.

His experience working on James’ campaign led him to a contractual position with the Maryland General Assembly in the Senate Minority Office as a legislative assistant. Rudolf has held the position for the past four legislative sessions working with three different minority leaders.

“I bring a very unique experience to the table with my time at the Maryland General Assembly,” he said. “The main thing I learned during my time there is that you have to be willing to work with the opposing side so you get the best result for the people you represent. You cannot come to the table pounding your fists with a list of demands and expect to get everything you want. Your colleagues will not take you seriously if you carry on that way. I will be a classic statesman if elected to the Ocean City Council. I will listen to all of the voices in the discussion and do what is best for all of the citizens of Ocean City.”

In March of 2011, Rudolf landed himself the flying team manager position at The Kite Loft in Ocean City where he is currently employed. In addition, he has served on the Ocean City Board of Zoning Appeals as its alternate member since 2013 and is an active member of the Hidden Harbour 2 Condo Association.

Rudolf looks to the town’s recently developed Strategic Plan as a guide, agreeing with most of the listed priorities, such as expanding Ocean City’s sports marketing approach, having schools start after Labor Day, developing a good working relationship with Worcester County and the dualization of Route 90.

“I want to continue to push hard for the dualization of Route 90. We need to ease traffic congestion in the peak season months,” he said. “This will also ease congestion on Route 50 as well, and people will be more inclined to use Route 90 as a timely alternative. The best part of the dualization discussion is the State of Maryland already owns the land on the north side of the existing Route 90 byway, so we would not have to get into eminent domain and force people off their property. The task is getting that construction money from Annapolis to begin the project, which I will go up there and advocate for when the time comes.”

In Rudolf’s opinion, the council’s decision to restrict smoking on the beach and Boardwalk did not go far enough.

“I would like to see an all-out ban on smoking on the Boardwalk and the beach. As a Kite Loft employee, I can attest to the fact that people use our beach as an ash tray and that is so bad for our environment. In addition, all the cigarette butts end up wedged between the boards of the Boardwalk and inside all of the flower pots in front of the businesses. It just looks bad … and I think that it is wrong and unfair to those of us who strive to make our beach and Boardwalk a clean and enjoyable place for everyone,” he said. “I don’t want people’s memories of the Ocean City Boardwalk and beach to be filled with the stench of cigarette smoke.”

With four seats open on the council and only one incumbent, Council President Lloyd Martin, filed to return, Rudolf is hoping the minority/majority division among council members is a thing of the past.

“Whatever happens on Election Day this year, I think the victors need to understand that they will be in it for all of the people of Ocean City and not just a hand full of ‘bomb-throwers’ who may or may not have some kind of agenda. Each council member will have to work with the other six council members to come up with the best course of action on each issue that will come before them. If the people demand something, the council needs to follow through and support the will of the people,” he said.

For more information on Rudolf, visit his Facebook page or email him at is [email protected].

“This is the first time I have ever run for public office and I’m using my experience as a legislative aide and a manager to achieve victory on Nov. 4. When I’m out in the field knocking on doors and talking to the citizens, they are impressed by my resume and as I explain myself they come to realize that the kite guy is the right guy for Ocean City,” Rudolf said.