The Resorter … Revisited

The Resorter … Revisited
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Summer of 1973

Volume XIX

Edition 3

Issue Highlights

• Featured in Fran Huntt’s After Dark were Mary Jane Nelson and Dennis Swin-del, Paddock nite club; Fred Musiani, The Embers; Moe Galante, Pelican            Grille; Brent Woodall and Rob Greenberg, the Pier; and Bobby Plegert and Ed Bradley, the Hurricane.

• The Sandpiper Restaurant was offering cocktails seven days a week on 33rd Street.

• Truckers and Savings Bank was operating on 44th Street at this time.

• Managers Cashar and Mabel Evans invited guests to the Fenwick Crab House.

• Four dining rooms were available at Mario’s Restaurant on 22nd Street.

• Vernon Davis and Michael Jones were the men to see at Coastal Fur-nishings Inc. on 53rd Street and Coastal High-way.

• The grand opening of the Dirty Dog Saloon across from Frontier Town was being advertised.