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I would like to introduce myself to the community as the newly elected president of the Ocean City Career Fire Fighter/Paramedics- International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 4269. I am proud to say I have worked for the Town of Ocean City Fire Department since April 2005, and just over a month ago, the men and women of the Ocean City Career Fire Fighter/Paramedics Association elected me as their president. During the first seven years of my career, I held the position of part-time Firefighter/EMS provider. It was always my dream to become a full-time employee of this town and that dream came true on July 1, 2013, when I was hired full-time for the Office of the Fire Marshal.

Many may not realize, but the Ocean City Fire Department is a combination fire department. Our department consists of the Fire/EMS Division, the Office of the Fire Marshal, and the Volunteer Division (OCVFC). I have personally had some of the best and most heartbreaking calls of my career with members of all three of these divisions serving the Town of Ocean City.

As the newly elected president, I would like to establish my focus for the next two years. The Career Fire Fighter/Paramedics Association of Ocean City, IAFF Local 4269, consists of 48 members. These men and women are part of a team that protect over 8 million people a year in our community and 11 billion dollars’ worth of property in the City.

When a member of Local 4269 reports for duty, they are ready to respond to any emergency, and resolve any problem that may arise. During your worst day as a resident or visitor of Ocean City, the men and women of Local 4269 are at their best to provide you and your family the service you need and deserve.

Our Mayor and City Council are dedicated to providing the best city services to the citizens of Ocean City. As President, much like our elected officials, I will strive for the best and focus my efforts to ensure all Ocean City Fire Fighters- Career and Volunteer can perform in a safe and productive environment. I plan to accomplish this goal by promoting and maintaining safe staffing levels, encouraging health and fitness and promoting state of the art training.

We know that within the fire department, there are things that can improve and need to improve. As President of the Local 4269 I will work with my colleagues, many of whom have over 20 years of service to the town and provide valuable knowledge and experience, to present ideas and concerns to fire department command staff with the desire to heighten the service we deliver to you.

On behalf of the Career Fire Fighter/Paramedics of Ocean City I wish to thank our community for their continued support. In addition, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank our elected officials, who have been overwhelmingly supportive of public safety, by ensuring we have the best fire trucks, ambulances, and tools available to do our job. We are proud to serve our town and look forward to many more years of service to our community.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with me directly, you can reach me at 410-251-1253

Ryan L. Whittington

Ocean City

(The writer is the president of the Ocean City Career Fire Fighter/Paramedics.)


Bill Hike Outrages


I just received my Mediacom bill. There was an increase of 60%.

I have Medicom phone, cable and Internet. I do not have any premium channels like HBO and Showtime. My bill went from $119 a month to $189 a month. Each year I call and renegotiate the contract. 

This year that said that there is nothing they could do for me. When I told her that I received a 1.9% increase in my Social Security check, she told me that the government says that we should not be dependent on Social Security alone. I told her that the flyers give new customers much lower rates and what could she do for loyal customers, she said that I’ve been given new customer rates all along and now I must start paying the “REAL” rates.

What she could do, was to take away one of my two cable boxes and save me $7.50 a month and she could reduce my Internet speed and save me $20 a month. Neither of these options were acceptable. I’ve never had a problem quite like this before. This is unacceptable.

I will be switching to Verizon phone and Internet and to Direct TV. Medicom has had us over the barrel for a very long time. It has to end sometime.

Barbara Loffler

Ocean Pines

Cropper Story Appreciated

Thanks to both The Dispatch and Bunk Mann for your recent inclusion of my family’s famous cousin, Hugh Thomas Cropper in “Vanishing Ocean City.”

Although I was but a teenager when the Convention Center was conceived and constructed, I still recall clearly the timeless efforts of Hugh to bring that entity to the town he so loved. While I personally possess great admiration for the one-of-a-kind Mayor Powell, the convention center should have been named after Hugh Cropper.

No other person put as much effort or time into its creation. Seeing our ancestral patron in Bunk Mann’s column was a treat.

Frederick Clifford Cropper

Utility Responds To

Smart Meter Worries


I am writing in response to concerns about smart meters as outlined in a recent story in the Maryland Coast Dispatch. Educating our customers concerning energy usage and the tools we use to bring a reliable energy source to their homes is important to us at Delmarva Power. Although we have done a lot to educate customers concerning smart meters, we still have to continue that process.

I would like to address the concerns regarding the following: widespread wireless radiation being emitted throughout neighborhoods and communities; potential adverse effects on over three dozen identified medical conditions and issues; and interference with pacemakers, defibrillators and baby monitors

There is no widespread radiation being emitted throughout neighborhoods and communities from the use of smart meters. In fact, smart meters use very low-powered radio signals to communicate with Delmarva Power. These radio signals are similar to or less than those used by other everyday appliances, such as cellular and cordless phones, garage door openers, baby monitors, televisions, Bluetooth®devices, wireless computer networks and home security systems. Also, smart meters do not interfere with the use of any of the devices nor have there been any “adverse effects” on medical conditions. Recent evaluations by regulators in California, Maine, Michigan and Texas, among others, have found no reliable scientific basis for any health risks from the very low level radio signals emitted by smart meters.

Privacy concerns: Delmarva Power is committed to keeping its customers’ data private and has state of the art technology and operational procedures to do so. Customers can be assured that Delmarva Power uses customer data for legitimate utility-related business purposes only, such as billing and load forecasting. Under no circumstances will Delmarva Power sell or give customer usage data to other parties unless instructed to do so in writing by the customer. If a customer has elected to purchase power from a third-party power supplier, Delmarva Power will provide that customer’s energy usage data to the third-party organization as required by law.

Inaccuracies in billing and other billing issues: Smart meters have helped eliminate the inaccuracies in billing and in fact the use of smart meters has helped customers use energy more efficiently so they can control their electric expenses.

Nothing in this world stays the same and as technology improves and our customers’ reliance upon and usage of the new technologies change, Delmarva Power must change in order to keep providing a reliable, economic source of energy. Smart meters and our on-line My Account feature are two of the ways in which we are helping our customers see, by the hour if they so desire, the ways in which they use energy, so they can make positive changes in energy usage and save money in the process.

For more information on smart meters, please log on to www.delmarva.com or call 1-800-375-7117.

John Allen


(The writer is the regional vice president of Delmarva Power.)