Worcester Prep Students Go On Virtual Safari

At Worcester Prep, Amanda Lynch’s fourth graders are going on a virtual safari. Their adventures in Africa will take them to exciting locations such as Victoria Falls, Table Mountain, and the Cape of Good Hope. The students will focus not only on geography and history of the areas, but on African customs and traditions. Students pictured, first row, are AnnaMarie Buas, Kate Conaway, Alex Bunting and Ayush Batra; second row, Aidan Hammond, Gavin Burton, Brice Richins, Pranay Sanwal, Hugh Thomas Cropper, Carter McCabe and Jacob Osias; third row, Sumira Sehgal, Kat Moore, Grace Baeurle, Marshall Mumford and Olivia Kondraschow; and fourth row, Sydney Lamson-Reich, Brooke Emeigh, Puja Jani and Hannah Brasure.