Worcester Ad Campaign To Feature Professional Boarder

OCEAN CITY – Two-time U.S. National Pro Tour Bodyboarding Champion Brian Stoehr, 34, has made a name for himself on a national level and will now be taking on a new task of promoting Worcester County and everything it has to offer.
“I was asked to be the spokesperson for Worcester County … I think it is a really cool opportunity. I grew up in Worcester County and have represented companies all over the world, such as Wham-O and Catch Surf [bodyboard manufacturers] over the years, and it really cool for me to be working as a face of the county being able to get the message out of how great the county is and all it has to offer not just from Ocean City but to Assateague, Snow Hill and to Berlin. There are so many things the county has that are over looked that I am really excited to help spread the word about,” Stoehr said.
Within the next couple of weeks, Worcester County will be launching a new media campaign, featuring Stoehr pinpointing the county’s highlights from the water to wildlife, amusement and entertainment, small town life, plus much more through commercials and other media outlets.
Stoehr’s premiere as the county’s new spokesperson comes with good timing as he was recently invited to check another life-long dream off of his bucket list.
About a month ago, Stoehr, who has been a professional athlete for over 14 years, was invited to join the U.S. team to participate in the Olympic-recognized event, International Surfing Associations World Bodyboard Championship.
Stoehr explained the U.S. team had a late start for the games to take place next month, Oct. 12-19 in Playa Parguito, Venezuela, and the team has not yet been approved for 2013 but will most likely participate in the games next year.
“There are a few things I have not done in my bodyboarding career. I am so grateful and appreciative of everything that I have ever been able to do … but I have never been part of a U.S. team, which is something not a lot of bodyboarders can say they have had the opportunity to do,” Stoehr said.
The ISA World Bodyboard Championship (WBC) is an ISA World Championship that features 170-plus athletes representing 24 countries from around the world. Stoehr was chosen to join a team of seven athletes as five divisions will compete for a title.
In June, Stoehr was announced as a spokesperson for the bodyboard brand Catch Surf, a company that was about to release two Stoehr signature Beater Boards that fit perfectly into Ocean City’s type of waves.
This week Stoehr announced his Beater Boards were such a success that although they are still available in stores, Catch Surf’s distribution has been sold out.
Stoehr explained he has had signature boards in the past costing upwards of $300 but Stoehr Beater Boards with Catch Surf are much more cost efficient.
One of the boards is a 42-inch prone, or dropknee, and the other is 45-inch stand up bodyboard, which is the exact board he has been riding in Ocean City over the last 10 years.
“The story behind having eyes staring on all my boards is my last name is pronounced ‘stare’ unlike what it looks like,” Stoehr said of the bodyboards’ design at the time of their release. “I’m really proud of these boards.  They turned out really good.  People always ask me what the difference in prices means when buying a bodyboard.  The honest truth is the materials get better as the price increase.  Boards get stiffer and perform better.  These boards are finally priced lower and have better materials than a lot of other options out there.”