George’s Mix Lands At Ravens Stadium

BERLIN — A local Bloody Mary mix will be roosting with the Ravens this season.
George’s Bloody Mary mix is headed to Ravens’ M&T Bank stadium in a big way and will be hitting the D.C, Virginia and Delaware market as well starting in January.
Bloody Marys made with George’s will be available at the stadium, the Ravens’ walk, tailgate and warehouse bars as well as the entire club level.
“It’s pretty exciting. We found out last Thursday and we’re pretty fired up, as you can imagine,” said founder Greg David.
Along with partners Theda and Alex Bakis, David began marketing George’s mix in Berlin, where David works as a bar manager at The Globe. It has since picked up a distributor and a lot of brand momentum, according to David. Becoming available to football fans at the M&T Bank stadium should be a huge boost for George’s.
“On a scale of 1 to 10, this is a 10. The marketing potential is huge for us. It’ll help give us a lot of exposure to the Baltimore and Western Shore market,” David said.
In nearby Annapolis, George’s mix will be a featured Bloody Mary at the 46th Annual Maryland Seafood Festival in early-September. The festival features professional volleyball, live music, craft beer and Maryland wine, and of course, nearly any kind of seafood that has spent time in the ocean. David expects a crowd of up to 20,000 for the two-day event.
For Bloody Marys at the festival, George’s will be partnering with Finlandia vodka, a company that David is enthusiastic about.
“They’re an international company that is doing a lot of work in Maryland,” he said of Finlandia.
The vodka and the mix have a history, pairing last spring in a co-pack that donated a portion of every sale to the Oyster Recovery Partnership.
Now that the mix is getting a spotlight on the western shore, David revealed that George’s will soon expand again.
“We are going into the D.C., Virginia and Delaware market as of January 2014. We have distribution lined up for just about the whole East Coast but it’s been our intent not to rush this whole thing, just to give it a whole year with our distributor,” he said.
The high-profile events should make a transition to a larger market easier by way of great exposure, said David. George’s will need it since David has an ambitious growth schedule.
“Our goal is to be on the entire east coast in the next three years. We can achieve at least distribution to the entire mid-Atlantic in the next 18 to 24 months,” he said. “We’re pretty excited.”