Voices From The Readers

Arrogant OC Majority

How very nice of our former City Manager and current City Councilman Dendis Dare to provide us with a basic civics lesson, thank you for the enlightenment.

In his long career as city manager, Mr. Dare was front and center and major author of our city operating budget along with the majority factions of the City Council, we all know how well that worked out (seen your real estate tax notice yet). The previous City Council attempted with some success to get a handle on employee salaries, number of employees, pension costs, interest on debt, etc. but were pillared by opponents including employee unions, chamber of commerce and the real estate interests for tightening the City’s fiscal belt. Then at election time these same interest groups rolled out the money to finance a "change" which we now get to pay for as taxpayers.

In the meantime, the council majority, here we go again, determines policy issues like paid parking, in the midst of budget discussions rather than in a public hearing. When called on this tactic, the majority claims that full discussion occurred (between council and staff) and now Mr. Dare assures us that the council directed the city manager to conduct "a comprehensive parking study" (unfunded of course), and in the interim assures us "no additional paid parking will be added … unless it is justified and widely accepted". Note there is no reference to a public hearing, funding or dates for a study; just trust us and quit complaining seems to be the attitude espoused by the council majority.

Well, folks, it is time for the resident taxpayers to say enough of this arrogance by the council majority, stop and listen for a change. The people elected you but still like to be included in discussion on issues, come down from your thrones occasionally, get practical and listen.

Joe Moran
Ocean City

Term Limits For OC

Money, money, everywhere and all the bars did drink; money, money everywhere and all the crowds did shrink.

Fifty dollars to park all day at the Ocean City Inlet, on the 4th of July 2013? Unbelievable. And your Mayor and Council would have Ocean City residents and visitors look on this as a matter of convenience not for the revenue that will ensue. Come on people how naive are you/we expected to be? There’s the old saying about telling folks a tale like this, that there’s a bridge they’d like to sell you, if you’re this gullible.

Someone recently responded to this fantastic way out charge that the 4th of July is a national holiday and one, where in this instance, should be free parking for all who come into the resort area, to honor/celebrate our Independence from England. Not so, however, thanks to your money grubbing politicians.

Maryland is a Democratic state unfortunately and there is a clown in the Governors’ office named O’Malley who parallels his nibs in the White House — spend, spend, spend, tax, tax, tax.

As of July 1, already the local gas stations have jumped their price four cents per gallon; the Chesapeake Bay Bridge crossing was $4, is now $6 and these necessary items will get higher because of the philosophy of Democrats. It is a known fact that you cannot create prosperity by taxing the people, your base. This governor and the democratic legislators don’t give three hurrahs in hell about those they govern. When will you Marylanders awaken to what is happening to you and me and vote to the rascals out? You are too stupid to face the realities that are confronting you.

Here are some valuable facts: Detroit, Mich., first on the poverty rate list, hasn’t elected a Republican Governor since 1961; Buffalo, N.Y., second on the list, hasn’t, since 1954. There are a total of 10 major cities in this sad category of loving and fawning over their politicians, with Newark, N.J. being 10th, not electing a Republican since 1907. The famous Einstein once said, ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Maryland voters, does this shoe fit? You damn well better believe it does.

Yesterday, I drove to the Wal-Mart large parking area where you can still recycle cans, paper, plastic, etc. No thanks to OC discontinuing this valuable service. Signs say please empty all bags, huh, these people who can’t read and understand, are voters, and more than likely voted for Hussein Obama, O’Malley, and how many other Damnocrats.? As I was driving to get on Route 50 from the parking area in my side mirror, I saw a car racing to pass me. When this Pennsylvania driver got to the stop sign, not a brake light was to be seen. Hey folks, that sign wasn’t there for him — I’d wager he voted for those D’s.

Ocean City needs/must have term limits for Mayor along with term limits for the U.S. Congress.

About taxes, as a non-resident owner, I pay OC taxes, county taxes, and state taxes and I can’t vote. Is this taxing without representation? There’s only one answer. Some years ago one of your council members, Margaret Pillas, wrote an article about the need to dissolve a tax differential system where Ocean City was/is paying a tax for services that are also being paid to Worcester County. A year later at the Caine Woods picnic, I questioned the lady about what relief had taken place following her desire to rectify this duplication, and she didn’t even know the name of the tax; she went to the mayor to ask him.

Finally, it has just occurred to me that aside from all the talk about placing parking meters almost everywhere, may I recommend two valuable sources for more, more money, that have not been discussed? There’s the valuable venerable Harry Kelley Route 50 bridge and the Route 90.These locations should have toll booths. What’s the matter with you grubbers? Why haven’t you thought about these? Just do it and depose Meehan for one.

Jerry Courtney
Ocean City

Cost Keep Climbing

Last weekend we celebrated the 4th of July. The truth is the 4th of July is not a celebration of the birth of a nation, as many believe. What are we celebrating? It is the celebration of the birth of the revolutionary new idea that all men are created equal and are endowed with inalienable rights. Our birthright or endowment of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and equality under the law was declared in 1776 in our Declaration of Independence. For the first time, humankind was viewed as special and unique and recognized with inalienable rights.

Our endowment was given to all of us by God and our nature. It cannot be repealed by law or man. Based on these God given natural rights we were uniquely empowered to form a government. More importantly our declaration said "should any Form of Government become destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter it or abolish it." These sacred rights, unique to mankind, was our precious endowment celebrated on July 4, 1776. Not the formation of a new government; that came later.

Endowed with these special rights, at last we the people were unique and special ourselves. From the beginning it was clear that our country was governed by the people, not the government. After our Declaration the people so empowered got together and first wrote, then ratified, our Constitution in1787, giving a stable governmental structure to our nation, eleven years after our July 4 Declaration. Key point: the Declaration for once and all settled it, the people were the boss, not the government.

It is important to recall these rights today, at this town meeting called to take our small town back from destructive governance. It is important to remember that it is not only our right it is our duty to purge the government from time to time as we deem it is needed.

The early stages of destructive governance always show elevated costs. Elevated costs largely come from extraordinary expenses to pay for unnecessary and destructive governance.

Increases in taxes, sky high assessments, fees, licenses, “use” taxes. Too many rules and ordinances to enforce equally!  If these symptoms of decline aren’t addressed, destructive governance always results in financial collapse, latter.

Tony Christ
Ocean City