Voices From The Readers

Disturbing Budget

There is no acceptable excuse for the Worcester County Commissioners’ ram-rodding their June 4 budget vote.

This is not, by a long shot, Bud Church’s first time pulling this. As long as we allow it, you can be sure, it won’t be his last.

Regardless of any circumstances, we deserve genuine representation from our elected officials. Commissioner Jim Bunting was our sole consistent voice for fair and open governance. Whether the others were respecting “politically-correct” protocol or were, themselves, blind-sided is understandable (somewhat), but Church’s tyrannical act must still be reconciled.

Therefore, although the budget was passed, “due diligence” must now be restored by objectively, publicly and openly revisiting probably all non-essential major expenditures. One significant example is the horrendous across-the-board (2.0% and 1.5%) pay-raises. A meager 0.163% or $110,840, is plentifully sufficient to protect county employees, thereby preserving more than $1.5 million. How many other alternatives were concealed? And why?

A final closing thought: Citizens who tolerate such political injustices and deceptions for any reason, have only their own consciences to face, (which can be much more scrutinizing and agonizing than public opinion). The rest of us could never fathom conceding. That would be betraying all those who have ever fought (and died, whether through weapons or legislation) for our God-given rights of freedom and fair representation. Don’t believe me? Listen, as I have, to emigrants from less-privileged countries, (which encompasses the vast majority of the world).

Ellie Diegelmann
Ocean City

Happy Father’s Day
On this day that we honor our fathers, I would like to take a moment for reflection.

My father was a member in good standing of the Great Generation, arguably the finest generation this great country has ever produced. During their day, they struggled through the Great Depression, fought and won two terrible World Wars, Fought in the cruel forgotten war of Korea and built the largest infrastructure the world has ever known. Then, in the twilight of their longest day, almost as an afterthought, they took this nation into space and walked on the moon. No challenge was too great for these men.

Between these noble endeavors they paused, and with a gentle hand raised their families. They were successful in their efforts because of their ideals, their beliefs, and their sense of responsibility to God and Country. They readily sacrificed their youth, their vitality, and even their lives for these ideals. They placed a high premium on families and hard work, and if our generation has it easy today it is on the back of their sacrifice which we ride. Will our children say the same of us?

Now our family and our God are villainized, the criminal is lionized, and there are attempts being made to crumple the very foundations that made this country the greatest nation on Earth. It is during these times that I draw solace in the memory of my father and the values for which he stood.

I will always love this man and forever be indebted to him for his greatest gift; a sense of responsibility and moral beliefs that he imparted to my brother and I. And although he is no longer with us, the ideals he held dear will live on through us, our children, and hopefully theirs.

Happy Father’s Day Dad and to all the fathers of the Great Generation.
Harold C. Earls, USN Ret